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Lava Dome Five Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to providing dragons, dinosaurs, reptiles and furries of all sizes with centralized communications.  Located in Ankh Ridge, Alyeska, Lava Dome Five provides herpetophiles and macrophiles worldwide with stories, pictures and interesting conversation.  The main services of Lava Dome Five include but are not limited to file transfer, mailing lists, web hosting, interactive chat services...not to mention claw-cleaning at the best prices in the omniverse.  The services of Lava Dome Five are intended for adults only,


As the maintenance of Lava Dome Five is far from a cost-free endeavor, kind users and bewildered passers-by are welcome to donate money to the Dome, for applying to such services as domain name registration and monthly high-speed Internet access charges.  Kind users who provide financial support shall forever be honored on the list below.

HAVOC JULY 13, 2000

If you are interested in making a donation, E-mail the Dinosorceror.  PayPal says we're p0rno for clawn0, and gave us the boot.  Pricks!


Boy, that's a really broad question.  Lava Dome Five is derived from a location in the 80's cartoon series, Dinosaucers.  "Lava Dome" was on the planet Reptilon.  Lava Dome II was in Colorado.  The first real-world incarnation of a Lava Dome site was Lava Dome III, which was located in Warminster, Pennsylvania.  From there, following the movements of the Dinosorceror, a name chosen by the site administrator that was also derived from the cartoon series, there came Lava Dome IV, which was located in Fairbanks, Alaska (Faibanx, Alyeska).  Finally, Lava Dome Five was created when the administrator made his final move to Anchorage, Alaska (Ankh Ridge, Alyeska).

The cartoon series Dinosaucers was instrumental in awakening and developing a fetish in the Dinosorceror.  With the advent of the Internet, it took him only a short time to realize that he was not alone, shattering a misconception he believed would be his fate forever.  One of the greatest pleasures to the Dinosorceror (or simply "Dino", as he likes to be called) is when another neophyte joins the ranks, and is thankful for the existence of Lava Dome Five in demonstrating that they, too, were not alone.

As it exists now, Lava Dome Five is an Internet service provider...the service being a central repository for information submitted by a worldwide organization of herpetophiles and macrophiles.

If you wish to get in contact with the Dinosorceror, you can E-mail him at...well, he got sick of getting spam so he changed his E-mail address. It used to be up until 2010, and then he changed the "dino" part to "speck". You can too! It's easy, try it!


Boy, that's a really broad question, too...but here are two essays that should shed some light.

INTRODUCTION TO MACROPHILIA          by Samuel Ramses, M.D., Ph.D.

        The word macrophile is derived from the Latin roots macro, meaning “large”, and phile, meaning, loosely, “lover”. It was initially coined to refer to a person who experienced a sexual response to situations involving creatures of greatly differing size. In such a situation, one of the creatures must of necessity be a “giant” in relation to the other, and thus macrophile was considered to be a suitably comprehensive term. In recent years, however, the term has come to refer to a person who specifically enjoys the appearance of giant creatures, whereas microphile has been applied to those who prefer creatures who are tiny. For clarity, the term macrophile will be used here in its original, all-inclusive definition.

        Macrophilia is a fairly widespread trait, and is found in individuals of many different ethnic and social backgrounds. No common element has yet been found that can point to an environmental cause, although three characteristics are repeatedly seen:

        The specific stimuli which elicit a sexual response in a macrophile, while varied, tend to fall into two broad categories, which are not mutually exclusive. They are summarized here as directly sexual situations and indirectly sexual or fixational situations.

        Directly sexual stimuli are the more easily understood. These involve situations in which sexual contact occurs between creatures (human or otherwise) whose physical size differs by greater than (as an arbitrary delimiter) a factor of two, and often much more. Such situations commonly involve the following:

        Indirectly sexual or fixational situations involve other fetishes that often go hand-in-hand with macrophilia. Interestingly, these "other" preoccupations do not always manifest themselves in non-macrophilic situations, but rather will only be observed when a giant and/or a tiny person are involved. They include:

        As previously stated, the macrophile will often find one or more of these practices unappealing or even repugnant in “normal” situations; yet, when they are being perpetrated by or upon a giant, they suddenly become attractive. Similarly, the distinction between heterosexuality and homosexuality is sometimes blurred or reduced to zero, as staunchly heterosexual macrophiles will often find themselves attracted to the images of giants or tiny persons of the same sex, and vice-versa.

CASE HISTORY   The subject is a male Caucasian, age 30, from an upper-middle class suburban background, and reportedly from a well-adjusted family. He is highly educated and has no criminal record. His sense of morals and of civic duty are highly-developed, to the extent that he volunteers frequently for local charitable and relief organizations. The subject reports that since very early childhood he experienced a sexual response in the form of genital erection to films in which giant monsters would destroy cities. He further reports that the strongest response was elicited by the explicit depiction of death by trampling. As an adult, his fantasies continued in the destruction/sadism/crush-fixation fields, and also included vorarephilia as well as directly sexual situations. Despite what might be considered alarmingly antisocial macrophilic fixations, the subject has experienced normal sexual relations in the past and has shown no signs of violent or unusually destructive behavior.

        A simplistic view of macrophilia holds that persons who are of a submissive sexual nature often prefer to view themselves in the role of the tiny person interacting with a giant creature, whereas those of a dominant sexual nature view themselves as a giant. Whereas this may indeed be true in a certain number of cases, it is far from a complete picture. A significant number of macrophiles exhibit the opposite behavior, while others are content with either role, regardless of their own sexual leanings. This group seems to enjoy the situation itself, rather than the specific role being played, and are thus equally excited by the view from the top, from the bottom, or from that of the omniscient observer.

        Any study of psychosexual phenomena should include mention of the question of latency. There are subjects who claim to have developed macrophilic tendencies after postpubescent exposure to it. It is a matter of debate whether these individuals are “true” macrophiles who simply did not recognize or were unwilling to acknowledge earlier tendencies, or are simply expanding upon existing tendencies which become much more pronounced when the sexual partner is gigantic. A hypothesis has been put forth that the question can by answered for purely fixational macrophiles by examining whether a fetish existed before macrophilia was discovered and whether it persists in the absence of a giant; while intuitive, this hypothesis has yet to undergo any rigorous testing. Thus, at this time, the question of latent macrophilia remains the subject of debate.

        In conclusion, it should be noted once more that macrophilia is far from rare, as evidenced by the growing number of admitted macrophiles that have come forth in recent years. A suggestion that it is actually quite common can be found in the popularity of cinematic films featuring giant monsters, which draw in enormous crowds and cult followings in spite of sometimes questionable quality. Perhaps, deep in the psyche of many of the thousands of moviegoers, sits the child who wrestled with unfamiliar and frightening sensations at the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk, and who now laughs raucously – yet nervously – at the object of desire who rages across the screen, leaving the viewer feeling aroused, nervous, and deeply, utterly alone.

MACROPHILIA EXPLAINED?          by S. Pyre, Ph.D., Stm. P.

        When I first saw Lava Dome's Macrocosm with its INTRODUCTION TO MACROPHILIA, I was rather disappointed that there was no reference at all to any studies, just individual behaviorist observations.  Now I have something to add, that hopefully will inspire more information of the same kind or better.   ^  ^

        I'm studying in Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley, and so I'm constantly in classes about brains, minds, and thought.  In my neurobiology class this semester, a few useful tidbits of information have graced the reverberating high ceilings of the huge lecture hall.  Here's a sample -- an interesting collation of information I put together from the neurobiology lectures I've been attending.  All information is direct from the class' instructor, Professor David Presti, here at UC Berkeley.  I have paraphrased and selectively quoted his words here with no interpretation and an attempt to maintain clear contextual information.

        Wilder Penfield was one of the first neuroscientists to create a map of the somatosensory cortex.  It has been confirmed to be accurate by many following him.  The work done in the 19th century has so far withstood the test of time.

         In this somatotopic map of the anterior parietal lobe, the genitals are directly adjacent to the feet.  Both are rather large nuclei, denoting their high degree of sensitivity.  Adjacency has been shown to create correlation in the perception of stimuli and consequently attitudes towards the particular areas in relation with each other.

         Dr. V.S. Ramachandran, M.D., Ph.D., in his book Phantoms in the Brain wrote about his experiences in trying to treat amputees.  In people that had lost an arm, and were experiencing a terrible itch on their "phantom arm" it was found that in most cases if they scratched their cheek, this would stop the itch.  The face is directly adjacent to the arms in the somatotopic map.  In using fMRIs, functional magnetic resounance imagers, one of the most powerful tools of modern neuroscience, it has been found that when one area of the somatosensory cortex is ignored, or an area developed in preference to others, the area being used most often takes over adjacent areas for use in detecting sensation.

         Ramachandran even explicitly suggests as a footnote in The Journal of The Preceedings of The National Academy of Sciences that adjacency in the somatosensory cortex and the cortex's malleability may be responsible for foot fetishes.

         After an article about Ramachandran's book in the New York Times, a number people wrote in whom had lost one or both legs in an accident.  These people reported that following their accidents, their orgasms became vastly more intense.

         Although, please, kats 'n' kittens, don't go chopping your legs off.  ^  ^  There are other, safer ways to get even better orgasms.   -  ^


In the early days of Lava Dome IV, both the Dome and the Dinosorceror were featured in the August 1998 issue of Bizarre Magazine, published in Great Britain but distributed worldwide.  The feature article was "What does it take to turn you on?" where the Dinosorceror won the #9 spot (beating out friend Dekhyr Dragon at #10) in a rating of the most unusual sexual fetishes in the world.

The article featured a clip from the story Absolute Zero:  Subjugate, written by the Dinosorceror, in which "humans are used as a handy form of dino-lubricant."

"The technical term is macrophilia, love of giants, but in most cases what this means is blokes dreaming about being subdued and then having lots of bouncy sex with mountainous birds like Daryl Hannah in Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.  However, the weirdest of the weird, like Matthew Matulaitis who styles himself the Dinosorceror, are interested in the idea of giant dinosaur sex.  'Combine macrophilia with herpetophilia and a dash of a clawfoot fetish, and Godzilla movies become porn,' he cheerfully admits on his website, which also features an amazing line in giant dinosaur sex stories..."

Bizarre Magazine's top ten bizarre fetishes were (10) cars, (9) giant dinosaur women, (8) mummification, (7) human ponies, (6) eggs, (5) wooly tights, (4) sausages, (3) soft toys, (2) reptiles, and (1) inflatables.

Not being a resident of Great Britain...and not being much of a magazine reader...Dino found out about the article through quite an uproar on the Internet at the time.  None of the members of the top ten had been contacted in any way, and most were angry and upset.  However, knowing full well that putting material on the Internet meant you were putting material on the Internet, Dino was overjoyed at the news and the publicity.  He found out the address of the magazine publishers and wrote them a letter, asking for a copy of the magazine, since there was no way he could get one domestically.  They indeed replied, and sent him the requested copy, a cover scan and inside snippet of which is displayed here.  What's more, when Dino asked them why he was only #9 and not #1, he found out from a spokeswoman at Bizarre Magazine that he was close to being number one...were it not for layout and shock value considerations!

"The reason you weren't number 1 - well, we had a vote in the office and decided inflation sex was weirder.  And we liked your sense of humour and didn't want to take the piss just to go 'shit, you'll never believe it but...'.  Also the art director thought the pic of Godzilla with tits was the best and wanted to put it on the first spread - you know these artists!"


One could not go into the history of Lava Dome Five without mentioning the Dinosorceror's views on artwork, copyright and distribution.

Lava Dome Five is a subset of a "fandom" that is commonly referred to as "furries."  This general term covers anyone with an interest in anthropomorphic animals -- animals that are given human characteristics.  The primary commodity in this fandom is artwork, specifically graphic artwork.  Over the years, conventions have sprung up which revolve around the buying and selling of such artwork, in addition to independent online auction houses like FurBid.  A "furry" who is also a talented artist is elevated above a normal furry, as they are able to give life to other's fantasies as well as their own.  There are, of course, other forms of artwork, such as the written word...but none hold as much sway over the fandom as graphic artists.

During Dino's history on the Internet, he has been in and out of dozens of "artistic circles" that comprise the fandom.  Speaking his mind candidly, he openly flamed certain artists for their own beliefs and attitudes about their artwork.  Although he has been, on the whole, greatly misquoted and misunderstood, his beliefs still managed to irritate a great many of the more popular artists in the fandom.

Dino's basic belief is that if you put something on the Internet, don't expect to assert any kind of control over it.  Sure, you can attempt to and request to...but don't expect it to happen.  All too often he hears about artists getting upset when material is distributed without their permission, and his advice is to not distribute anything to the Internet that you don't want flying around willy-nilly.

Of course, he doesn't ask anyone or demand that anyone else to share his belief.  Lots of artists who have material in the LD5 Art Gallery or have member sites do request that their material not be distributed without their express permission.  And, of course, Dino firmly believes in the right of ownership and copyrights.  The creator of art is entitled to put any and all stipulations they desire on it.  And absolutely  if an artist discovers that his work is on Lava Dome Five without his consent, or they wish to withdraw their artwork, the Dinosorceror always honors their wishes.

So when it comes to the distribution of intellectual material, there's an ideal world and then there's a real world.  "Why believe in things that make it tough on you?" to quote a DEVO song.

Moreover, the Dinosorceror believes that the free sharing of macrophilic and herpetophilic artwork serves to broaden its horizons, and discover more people in the world who join the collective mindset.  He's not against artists making a buck, though, either.  It's a rather unique philosophy, much like that which drives the open-source operating system Linux.

Lastly, Dino usually avoids the frequently flagrant ass-kissing mentality that some members of the fandom use to deify artists.  Whether a friend has graphic artistic talent or not has no bearing on the contribution they can make to Lava Dome Five.  The Dinosorceror realizes the value of everyone's contributions, because everyone has something to contribute.  Dino is never ungrateful for anyone's contribution, no matter how big or small.


Hell no!  Who do you think is writing all this nonsense?  Actually, most of this is in lieu of a personal web page for the Dinosorceror, so I thought it appropriate to go into a bit about the head weesaur of Lava Dome Five.

In real-life, the Dinosorceror is known as Matt Matulaitis, who was born on November 4th, 1970 in a town just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States of America.  His earliest memories involve foot and macrophilia (giant) fetishes, and he's had the desires his entire lifetime.  Before finding like-minded individuals on the Internet in the mid 1980's, he once thought he was one of a kind, like so many others once did.

Online, the Dinosorceror is an anthropomorphic Parasaurolophus who is usually a whopping millimeter tall.  Can't imagine why!

The Dinosorceror spent his first few years online meeting dozens of new friends and kindred spirits on the Internet, and was still of the opinion he'd never get married...until he met "Jenn the Ice Raptoress," a woman who shared his interested in dinosaurs, and had several bizarre sexual fetishes of her own.  As love tends to do, he just knew that this was a woman he wanted to be his wife, for reasons entirely non-sexual.  She lived in Fairbanks, Alaska at the time and he wasted no time in moving up to live with her in 1996.  They were married on January 31st, 1998, one day after Jenn's birthday.  Not that he timed it that way or anything!  They shortly moved down to Anchorage, the best city in Alaska, and have been living there ever since.

Dino is the network manager for a major oil engineering firm, and Jenn works as an inventory control specialist at a bead and craft store.  Apart from writing the occasional story, Dino also composed an album of electronic music called Jurassic Phase.  He's also currently working on Stomp Stomp Devastation, which he claims is the first 3D game made by macrophiles for macrophiles.


Yes, yes.  The Dino love-fest is officially over...sort of.  From here on in, let's go into the stories and artwork that comprise the history of Lava Dome this point, a definite mythological world with a life of its own.


The "Story Bored", as it was first called, was written by various artists on the first incarnation of the HML (Herpetophile Mailing List), which was owned and operated by Dekhyr Dragon.  At that time, Lava Dome III was just a mailing lists or anything.  Dino got the idea from the early days of BBS'ing, when it was common on BBS's to have open stories that users could contribute to.  He dubbed the board the "Story Bored," because you were usually bored and didn't have anything better to do when you decided to write a chapter.  It dealt with an alternate universe that would soon mash together with a bunch of others.  It's a fun read, and quite a history lesson...lots of authors contributed to it who haven't been heard from in years, and at least one is no longer with us.



After the eventual death of the HML and the rise of the first fully functional Lava Dome site, many stories were written about the "popular" figures and characters who visited the Dome.  I say "popular," because it doesn't take much to get yourself written into a Lava Dome story.  A few wriggling toeclaws is about all it takes!  These stories detail the great moves from LD3 to LD4 to LD5.  The latest series to be written by the Dinosorceror are in PDF format, entitled The Project Engineer.  As Dino gets time and inspiration, he writes more...and certainly welcomes others to do the same!  Anyone can be a star at Lava Dome Five.



Of course, Dino and others have written lots of stories that aren't related to Lava Dome Five directly.  In this last archive you'll find a poem by Jenn, the Absolute Zero stories written by Dino and others, and other macro or herp stories of interest.



Boy, now if someone had a few days on their hands with nothing else to do, they could peruse all the content on the Lava Dome Five FTP site.  As you're probably aware, FTP stands for file transfer's a way to just peruse directories and files, and transfer them back and forth on the Internet.  The LD5 FTP site is overflowing with macro and herpy stuff...gigabytes of information that someday will be more accessible, but currently...well, isn't.  Using an FTP client, you can connect anonymously to and browse all the directories and hunt down some gems for yourself.  The FTP site is also where all attachments to the mailing lists automagically appear a few times a day.


In this last section, I'd like to post a few pictures made by artists that are about Dinosorceror or Lava Dome Five.  This mini-gallery is by no means all-inclusive, and the Dinosorceror has been quite lazy in putting in new art here.  If you know of something that's in the general LD5 Art Gallery that belongs here, by all means nag the Dinosorceror!  As always, I'm eternally grateful and humbled by this artwork, and much thanks go to all who have contributed.