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The Lava Dome Five Artist Gallery contains thousands of images and videos from over 200 artists from around the world.  Most of the artists that are featured here have contributed macromorphic pictures to the gallery, although not all of their work displayed here is macromorphic.  Nearly all of the work, however, is anthropomorphic.

The gallery is arranged alphabetically by author.  The artwork displayed in each artist's folder is arranged chronologically, with the newest submissions listed first and anything newer than 30 days old highlighted with a NEW tag.  Dino does occasionally put art that was posted to the forum to the gallery, but welcomes artists to maintain their own galleries via FTP.  (For information on getting such access, contact Dino on the forums or Faibanx MUCK.)

Also, be sure to get in contact with the artists whose work you like to thank them for sharing their work.  Stop by Faibanx, the forums...just let them know how much you appreciate them!