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Lava Dome Five
(Warning: Not for the narrow-minded)

There's not much on the web page, so you're going to have to search the FTP for pictures.  My site is kind of an unofficial database of every DS-related thing I could find on the LD5 FTP.

Dinosaucers Fan Page (by ShadowLord)

This site has a lot of images on it, but not too much info.  There's a link on his Dinosaucers site to his main site, which pays tribute to a lot of cartoons.

NIMH Homepage

Apparently NIMH is some other cartoon series with rats, and if you're a furry, you'll probably want to check that out.  Percival has a few well written, emotional stories about Teryx and Sarah's friendship, and a few pencil sketches that go with them.

Toonarific Cartoon Archive

TCA is a page featuring information on a lot of cartoons, as well as a Dinosaucers page with a few scraps of info and many, many screen captures; nearly entire episodes!

Lyllywyn's Lavadome

This is basically Lyllywyn's personal rant about how much she misses the series.  Small, not much info here.

MaxDragon's Dinosaucers Page

After you're finished here, check out MaxDragon's page.  It's got lots of info, but hasn't been updated in a long time.  He's also got some pictures and .wav files I don't have here, unless I've mixed a few of them up with my personal collection and accidentally posted them here....

ToyArchive.com's Dinosaucers Action Figure Info Page

Tons of information about the unreleased Dinosaucers action figures, including many pictures and technical info from Toyfare '87/'88.  There's pictures of every action figure, the ships, and even the ships in action.  They've also got an .avi of the Dinosaucers intro there (4.5MB) if you're interested.