I  N  F  O  R  M  A  T  I  O  N


A DIC Enterprises production in association with Michael Maliani Productions
Animation, Color, 1/2 Hr.
Syndicated series debuted Sept. 1987
Re-broadcast on the USA Network in 1993-94
Aired once in a while in Germany.
Still aired in Brazil, on cable.


PLOT: "Searching for ways to save the quake-racked planet 'Reptilon' from destruction, the Dinosaucers, the planet's only inhabitant's, come to Earth where they enlist the help of 4 youngsters to help them find the secret that will save 'Reptilon' and also keep them safe from thier brutal enemies, the Tyrannos, in this futuristic action-adventure series." (-credit to where ever I got this)


Five Dinosaucers action figures were released in 1988, along with the TV series.  Only Bronto Thunder, Allo, Bonehead, Quackpot, and Genghis Rex were released.  You can see some scans of the package under the Media-Images-Misc section.  (Thanks to Sauron for the info and pics!)


Searching in the U.S. Copyright Database, I found some patents labeled "Musical soundtrack (backround cues) to the motion picture, 'Dinosaucers'".  They were apparently registered between 1987 and 1991; I'm not too sure what all those dates mean.  The music was done by Haim Saban and Shuki Levy.  Four of these sound cassettes were patented.  I wonder if there's a Dinosaucers movie in the shelves of some warehouse.  I'd love to get my claws on some of those audio cassettes, in any case....


Under the Dinosaucers trademark, the goods and services is listed as "T-Shirts and Wooden Toy Figures".  What does this mean?  There are probably a few t-shirts floating around the Salvation Army's bins, if any were released at all.  "Wooden Toy Figures" is probably a general term for Toy Figures (see "Action Figures", above).


Carlson, Len Quackpot / Allo
Corwan, Rob (II) Tricero
Goldhar, Marvin Bronto-Thunder / Bonehead
Hennessey, Dan Genghis Rex / Plesio
Kahnert, Ray Stego
Masten, Gordon Styraco
McManus, Don Brachio
Redpath, Barbara Lynn Sara
Reynolds, Simon Ryan
Stocker, John Terrible-Dactyl / Ankylo
Toth, Leslie David
Vallance, Louise Teryx
Wiggins, Chris Dimetro
Wilson, Thick Ichy
Yearwood, Richard Paul

Heyward, Andy
Maliani, Michael
Melniker, Benjamin
Uslan, Michael E. (Concept)

Levy, Shuki
Saban, Haim

Beeman, Ellen Guon
Duane, Diane
(One of my personal favorite authors; Visit her & husband Peter Morwood's "Owl Springs Partnership" homepage)
McCaffrey, Todd
Nye, Jody
Stephens, Brynne J.
Vornholt, John