F  A  N  A  R  T

(@ = Modified screen capture)

allosuck.jpg - Another way the humans help the Dinosaucers. @
AnkyloBegs1.jpg - Ankylo's been a baaaad Tyranno.  @
comic1.jpg - Rex admires the in-flight entertainment...  @
comic2.jpg - ...and gets caught. @
dei.jpg - Dei with a whip.  Yeeouch!
deiandteryx.jpg - The name says it all.  :)
ekgteryx.jpg - What're you looking at?
flamewingandteryx.jpg - See for yourself.
g_alloette.jpg - What Allo would look like if he was female.
g_bronto.jpg - What Bronto would look like if he was female, and had a thing for ballet.
g_dakty.jpg - What Terribly Dactyl would look like... oh, you get it by now.
G_deistomp.gif - The Dinosorcerer gets stomped.  What else is new?
g_tyrallo - Alloette and Tyrannix.
jarod_ty.jpg - Jarod and Teryx
Teryx_01.jpg - Just flying around.
teryx3.jpg - "Clawing" herself, I guess?
teryxxx.jpg - Teryx & Ichy go at it.
x_terrib.jpg - Terrible Dactyl enjoys himself.