While I don't sell videos directly, I have provided many links to places where you can buy videos below.  I'm also looking for the following episodes; if anyone has them and can sell me a copy on VHS or do some kind of tape-to-video-format thing, let me know!


A Real Super Hero
Age of Aquariums
Allo and Co-Stego Meet the Abominable Snowman
Beach Blanket Bonehead
Beauty and the Bonehead
Carnivore in Rio
Chariots of the Dinosaucers
Dino Chips!
Dinosaur Valley
Divide and Conquer
Fine Feathered Friend
Hooray for Hollywood
Inquiring Minds
Its an Archaeopteryx... Its a Plane... Its Thunder Lizard 
I've Got Those Reptilon Blues Again, Mommasaur
Karatesaurus Wrecks 
Loches and Bay Gulls 
Monday Night Clawball
Museum of Natural Humans
Prehistoric Purge
Reduced for Clarance
Sara Had a Little Lambeosaurus
Scents of Wonder
Seeing Purple 
Teachers Pest
The Bone Ranger and Bronto
The Heart and Sole of Big Foot 
The Quackup of Quackpot
The Trojan Horsesasaurus 
There's No Such Thing as Stego-Claws
Toy-ranno Store Wars
Trouble in Paradise
We're Off to See the Lizard

You can find these four Dinosaucers videos at any of the following locations....

(Thanks to Amazon.com for the pics!)


(UK Site; PAL VHS; "Adventures with the Dinosaucers from Earth's twin planet. Includes:'Dinosaur Valley' 'Take Us Out To The Ball Game' 'Happy Egg Day To You' 'Hooray For Hollywood' and 'Divide And Conquer'. )

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