The Dismal Oubliette......
Well, it appears that you've found my dark quiet little corner of the Internet.  If you are here, then it probably means you are really hard up for amusement, so I shall do my best to keep you entertained.  Chances are you came here from the Yaoi Crossroads.  If that's the case, and you're really not interested in me droning on, then you can get back with the linky button at the bottom of the page.  The same principle applies if you got here by way of Lava Dome Five.

However, if you are into mental torture and really want to be here, then there are some links to the left that might be of interest.  The Art page will take you to see all of my art, both drawn and CG'ed and otherwise.  There are some dragons, some dinosaurs, and lots of anime fanart, mostly from the Ranma 1/2 and Digimon fandoms.  Stories will lead you (obviously) to written works, and those are also mostly fanfics, but there are a couple of very old herpetophile stories still floating around there as well.  The Photos link will take you to some real life pictures!  Like you wanna get on the Internet and see real pictures of someone's life whom you don't even know.  Yeah right....

If you are really hard up for entertainment, then I can suggest either the Live Journal or the about Jenn sections.  Live Journal is where I keep all my bitching, complaining, and occasionally lofty thoughts, opinions and musings.  There is sometimes method in my madness!  The other link will take you to an old old old page that chronicles the life of Jenn the Ice Raptoress.  It's a good read if you have a stuck yawn you're attempting to dislodge.

Truthfully?  I'd suggest you go back to the Yaoi Crossroads or LD5.  I'll just go sit in a corner somewhere and brood by myself.  Don't worry.... it's a past time I rather enjoy.



   10/15/2004  - Hey!  There's something new to this site!  This past summer I took six weeks off from work and went all over the frickin' place, visiting friends and family, and seeing all sorts of sites that I've never had the opportunity to see before!  Wanna look at some pictures?  Maybe read a little about some of my adventures?  Well, just click this here LINK!




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