The 2001 Lava Dome Five City Stomp!
Last updated 7-1-2001
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       Well, y'see...there was this thing that Dino said Tyrnn should take the reigns of.  Seems he didn't think there was enough talk of smooshing people and crushing buildings on Lava Dome Five!  This, of course, was a very serious situation that had to be rectified immediately.

        What follows are edited additions to an ongoing mini-story on the Lava Dome Five Mailing List...a story in which some nameless city gets flattened by big things.  It's fun and educational!  It's edutainment!


Rexx Wolfe
Duncan Roo


Rexx Wolfe

*points over to all the new urban development.* See things are prospering! * Pads to the city's outskirts and looks at the bustleing activity* <<hint lets start this tasked scene soon?*

* snickers and grins as his fur fades to a coal black colour. having lost to his dark self he grins with long white fangs down upon the city.. he seems to be waiting for something what could this once gentle looking creature be doing at 120' Just standing on the city outskirts?<he's waiting for his friends to join him of course> <<<I reccomend those who are not into macro destruction vore etc just skip past our mails hey I like the nasty side just as much as the cuddle stuff but Dino wants a scene he's got one!>>>


F'lar gold dragon w Goldytoz(tm) stomps up beside Rexx Wolfe, the sun gleaming from his folded wings and looping tail and fangs and stuff. He places one great, taloned forefoot on the black wuff's shoulder. The two glance at each other as smiles slowly cross their faces. Then slowly, majestically, they gaze out across the doomed city.

"He is out there, isn't he, Rexx? I know we can't see him but we sure can...smell him. We will destroy this city if need be. That little snot is but a smear upon toz!"

With emphasis, one great, golden hindfoot SLAMS down on the nursing home.  Wood and brick explodes as thirty old men and women, four nurses and one janitor perish instantly, a lone wheelchair silently rolling from betwixt two thick and powerful toz the only clue it ever existed.


Rogue sits down dejectedly on the roof of a parking garage.  Being the smallest giant here, nobody on the street is paying any attention to him. They're all running away from the bigger dragons.  He sighs and tries to amuse himself with skipping cars on the river.

Duncan Roo

Just down the street a giant green form comes casually hopping in from the distance.

"Hey guys -- what's going..."

The kangaroo's feet get tangled up by a network of power lines, causing the green guy to lose his footing. Gravity takes over, and Duncan topples forward, crashing belly-down on a stretch of apartments one block from Rogue...all of which kicks up a huge cloud of dust and powders the megawolf's fur quite nicely.

"...on..." he manages to wheeze without moving, the wind partially knocked out of him. "Goddamn cables...*cough*"


*whimper* Aww, poor Rogue... Um... I mean...AAHHH! It's Rogue! Giant wolf, giant wolf!  *runs around in panicked circles looking like a little ant warning of an oncoming stomping*  Help, it's a giant wolf! AAHHHHHHHHH!


*the sound of more large footsteps is heard as TT can't keep himself away any longer. Slowly approaching the gathering macros with a really small map in hand, wondering when the fun'll start* "where's the party?"

Rexx Wolfe

* grins toothily and casually steps on some flleing nurse making nice red smears in the pavement.  "Hmm yeah" he replies to the golden dragon. "You seem to have speck radar"  He chuckles as he sees Duncan fall over, How many meet their doom under the is not known. as the inhabitants of this large city seem to be more worried about avoiding a bunch of very big dragons.. A giant green roo and two wolves who both feel short! <most of the extra 20' is his sail sized ears.> He calls over to the other wolf, "You should join the party."  He scritches at the big gold dragon and plucks up a few squirming furs and lifts them to his open muzzle dangling them over his cavernous maw clearly showing them what oblivion looks like.*  <will now wait for the city reaction:P*


"Just in time!"
Doral finally reaches the city; luckily, he also reached his full height by that time, a massive 150 feet of pure lizardness. He strolls on by. He watches Rexx stand on the edge on the city. "Heya Rexx, hope you're on your bad side today." He winks at the wolf, not noticing the giant green roo on the ground.
"Eiee!" Doral trips over the furry grren marsupial, smashing into the ground, causing a series of buildings to shake and quiver, many of the weaker ones collapsing already. Standing up, he dust himself off. "Duncan, whay are ya on the floor?" He looks down at the kangaroo, watching a small little griffon run around in circles by him. Squinting closer, he begans to laugh. "2? What's wrong with you?" His laughter echoes throughout the city, breaking windows and other glass products.
Turning around, he sees Rogue, parked on a garage flicking his massive foot at cars. He reaches over and pats the megawolf on the head. "Heya, hope you brought your appetite today." He smiles at the wolf, runs over and gives the giant T-rex a big hug. "Sup TyrannoToes? You here to crush this city flat, too?" 
Smiling, he gives a nod over to Tyrnn, who seems to be supervising. "Heya Boss," he says says sarcastically. After stomping a few buildings with his sticky lizard feet, he notices F'lar with his copyrighted Goldytoz (tm). Padding over, he smiles at him. "Heya, I'm Doral." He offers a paw to the gold dragon. "I shall be accompanying you and everyone else in the destruction of this city. :)"
*Anyone I missed can just email me, I'll get ya in there real quick :)*

Rexx Wolfe

*Double takes at the number of furs interested in playing*  *erfs and wonders if there will be enough to go around>:)* Tyrnn you got your work cut out for ya.  Yea Dino what the other big wolf said about the beebop stomp thing.  If this works it could be lots of fun. I hope it does.  Oh later i'll be posting something that is a real Rexx scribble. *hides as work takes his human away*


*looks up from her usual wanderings, through the water of the river, and sees... a vehicle almost as large as she is hurtling toward her. Which bounces, once... twice... in a panic, she dives for the bottom - the big guys are just TOO big for this little black-opal dragoness!*


Well, maybe it'll be up to me to be The City, since you all seem to be fixated on finding me.  You never will.  I'm only a millimeter tall.  I do, however, have WeeCams(tm) all over the city, so I can taunt and tease you all.  :)


Stompmakers and stomptakers,

Don't let his over priced attitude bother you in the least.  Yes, he is teeny.  Yes he is fast.  But you know, and I know, that those WeeCams(tm) are aimed exclusively at our feet.  And... that taunting and teasing works both ways.

F'lar gold dragon w no pity.


*scene change*

Falbert takes a large manila envelope down to the post office.  When he comes out of the building, we can see that the ground is shaking... and he whips out binoculars from his kilt-pouch, just in time to see a green 'roo fall flat...

"Hope they miss the mail truck, so that Tephra gets that packet of links..."

*scene change back to the giants*

Rexx Wolfe

*snickers and can't see the speck clearly but he can smell him with his sensitive nosepad..*  We will just have to get a little <normal> furry to squish you as we squish them....  And on project D if you managed to keep your house intact then It can't be a total bomb... Mind you I wonder if you put the legs on top of the desk instead of the bottom???? I suddenly am reminded of Tim the tool man Taylor for reasons unknown to me. *Flips your instruction pamphlet right side up.*  Anywho Get to work Dino and post for the city!!!!


It was a normal day.

It was traffic as usual along the freeway. Bumper to bumper as people inched their way homeward around 5:10 pm. Not much had changed since Mr. Weatherby first made this smog-laden commute for the first time. It seemed like it was yesterday, but it had been near fifteen years. He had moved up in the world, and was starting to be someone important. Thirtieth floor office, stock options, and a sizeable pension plan...He noticed something odd about a new billboard up ahead. The way it seemed to move at first glance, like it was waving its arm over the highway. His sight wasn't what it used to be. It didn't pick up a van two spaces ahead and toss it into the bay. It isn't reaching down to...Mr. Weatherby found himself glad to be wearing a seatbelt as the 'billboard' roughly plucked his Camaro from the snarled traffic. He had just enough time to glance at the upside down visage of a wolf, before he and his car were nonchalantly chucked out to a burial at sea. He skipped twice.

Commuting to work had been a normal part of Mr. Tweet's life for several years now, the train that took him to and from his place of work had been operating on schedule, with an occasional minute's delay. This day was beginning just like any other, with a quick bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk, followed by a walk to the train station to catch the 5:15 train downtown. He boarded the train as usual, took a window seat, and began to read his paper, all quite usual....


The sounds were quite odd. Mr. Tweet risked a glance from the latest news of how the stock market had been diving to see what is might be. A look out the window revealed not much, maybe a small bit of smoke from some distant housefire. Maybe it's just a minor earthquake.


Mr. Tweet found it peculiar that an earthquake could be so regular...and getting closer? The train began to screech to a halt rather violently...Commuters voiced their protests from mild expressions of shock to curses to yet another delay on their way to work. Mr. Tweet regained himself and looked out the window.

Big Green Kangaroo.

In the time it took for him to think these two words, the impossibly huge, and impossibly colored marsupial hopped...Mr. Tweet saw the wreckage of a car sail up behind the hindpaws as the kangaroo attempted to sail over the power lines above the train...The world tilted crazily, all the lights went out, and screams filled the cabin of the train. He blacked out momentarily...

Just across the way, in Aberly Apts., Zack had overslept again. He glanced sleepily at the alarm clock at his side. 5:20 pm. Shit. Partying 'til three had done a doozy on him... He had to be at work at 5:30, or his boss would have his head...if the party before hadn't gotten to it, first...oy... Well, a job's a job. Gotta pay the bills...He forced himself out of bed, and went over to the window for a breath of fresh air...and was completely sober by the time a giant wall of green fur slammed into his apartment...Needless to say, Zack's final thoughts were that he wished he hadn't overslept that day...

"Taxi!" Ralph heard the call for his cab across three lanes of honking traffic, and 'expertly' made his way across to his client, earing a vibrant display of single digit fists from surrounding cars. His customer glanced furtively, "A regular 21 gun salute, eh?" Ralph made some sounds similar to laughter. He put up with 'humor' daily. "Where to, sir?" Politeness earned tips. "I gotta be at the airport by 6:00, can you make it?" Ralph nodded his head, "Sure, Sure. Be there in half the time dem other guys take". In the usual fashion, he pulled out and began wending his way through the streets, earning a chorus of blaring horns. His customer was watching out the window.

"S-sir? Is that a n-new theme park over there? Dinosaur-land?" Ralph turned left ontlo the street where the passenger was looking, "Theme park? We ain't got no th-..." His words died on his tongue as something....lizardlike, yet impossibly huge, tripped over a hill fur? It didn't matter. The taxi cab was found half a mile away under the wreckage...It had been blown there like chaff from the impact against the ground.

Across town, shadows had formed...In the late afternoon light, many people had noticed that there was an unusual overcast feeling... Some had spotted the massive figures looming on the outskirts of the city, and many of those happened to be under the bottoms of those figures feet at the time they spotted the cause...911 calls had begun trickling in, but many still remained unaware as they closed up shop downtown and prepared to head home for some well deserved rest. Many thought their booming voices thunder, but thunder on a nearly cloudless day was unheard of. People were too busy preparing to head home to look up at the figures dominating the outskirts, since the mountains behind them gave them a form of camoflage.

It >was< a normal day...


Rogue can't help brightening a bit as Duncan shows up.  He always enjoys playing with his friend.  He peers around and spies a bright yellow tax speeding along the street.  In three massive strides he is upon it, his massive hand sweeping down to scoop it up as though it were a toy...

...and indeed, it is just that.  Rogue shoves the vehicle into his jaws and growls at Duncan, daring him to try to get it away.

Duncan Roo

The fallen kangaroo pushes himself up to a sitting position, unintentionally squashing a fleeing citizen into the pavement under his left palm. Sitting in the middle of the downtown street, blocking traffic from getting in or out of the area, he looks at the megawolf with a small, shiny, yellow object in his mouth. When Rogue's fang punctures the undercarriage and penetrates the horn mechanism, the constant blaring coming from the wolf's mouth was plenty for Duncan to realize what the item in Rogue's drool-filled grip was.  <p>

The big green roo claps his paws together. "All right, wolfie...give it here!"


Doral laughed, watching the green kangaroo and large wolf taunt each other with the yellow chew toy. He thundered passed them, large, sticky pawprints left behind in his steps.

A great deal of the city had already been destroyed, and much of the city still remained intact. It was almost funny, in a way; the city streets swarmed with the utter fear of the people, but soon they would be covered in their blood. There was no way they could escape their why did they bother to run? Prehaps they felt that each one of them, out of the myriads of other senitents, could be the lucky one, the one to escape complete destruction. But, with six macrophiles there, and more on the way....such a thought seemed ridiclulous to the lizard.

The orginal intent was to find a little dinosaur, a weesaur, to be specific. His name was Dinosorceror, and he was somewhere hidden among the buildings and houses of the metropolis. However, what macrophile could not resist envoking their power on such a helpless place? They could find Dino later; right now, they had a city to destroy.

Doral clamoured over large buildings and the like, his tail swishing back and forth, bursting throught the wall of the standing structures. Beneath his large footpads lied the remains of once working vehicles, and once breathing humans. Pools of blood and splattered debris were the only thing left in the in-depth print which the lizard left behind. Where was he headed? Jokingly, we can answer, "Anywhere he wants to." But, Doral had his first idea in mind.... the football stadium.


(For Rexx and F'lar. We don't want to lose any sets of paws trampling things!)

Sargeant Edgar Jacobs had been watching. Waiting. You couldn't understand the fear he had had about this, every day on the watch. Every day during this horrifying war, never blinking as he watched the waves, the first guard against enemy submarines...The strain was intense. One wrong blink, and they could get in almost undetected...He had to be alert. Always...Always!

He caught a glint of a metallic From the sky? It had to be the enemy! Some new trick! Sargeant Jacobs, age 84, shouted a warning to his command unit...The soft muted colors of his room at the rest home gave a silent reply as the massive golden set of claws descended. Sargeant Jacobs' last thoughts were those of happiness. He had warned his team. They would live on...

In the ruins beneath the giant green kangaroo, lay the hopes and dreams of many. Several blocks had dissolved into rubble, with the combined efforts of the careless 'roo and casually destructive Doral. To those trapped inside the yellow chew toy of Rogue's awaits a terrifying ride, and apparently noisy with the horn blaring continuously. What lies in store for thousands of lives, homes, and businesses, lay in the playfully destructive path that will soon be taken throughout the city....

Doral's path of destruction is truly gigantic, yet he had barely begun to carve into the trembling metropolis. Though close to ten thousand lie wounded and three times that number dead, mainly as bloody pulp beneath his paws. Fires had begun to spread their smoke in the sky, causing a general sense of alarm across the valley... Few people in the crowded football stadium took their eyes from the action on the field. Some noticed the smoke and commented about it. Still others cheered the home team as they slaughtered the visitors. Such a comparison could only be made right before
certain decimation by the 'visitors'...


It is difficult to change one emotion to another in one quick second. Most emotional tranistions consists of a series of events that trigger the gradual change, maintaining the chemical balance in the brain. The brain refuses, in a way, to ignore the events that demand for such a change immediately. So, when the repeated thumps of a giant lizard came by the stadium, no one seemed to notice. There were a few spectators who looked up, and ran as fast as they could, but mostly all the others sat and continued to watch the game. It was a close game too, the score was tied and it was two minutes into the forth. Nothing, the thought, could get in the way of such a close game.

It was funny, in a way. As the lizard pounded closer and closer, the main throng of the crowd did not even move. Even as Doral's large shadow loomed over the stadium, some humans didn't even BOTHER to look up; they probably thought it was a passing cloud. Doral could only chuckle as he thought to himself. "And they wonder why it's so easy to destroy the cities."  Emotion quickly chnged, though, as the lizard lifted his foot, and placed his large sticky paw into the center of the stadium. Screams of cheers became screams of fears as the crowd finally realized their plight. Doral could only laugh, watching the humans trip and push each other, trying to escape their inevitable fate. He lifts his other paw, and stand in the center of the stadium, squishing the little football players, pads and all.

What a way to go.

Doral smiled, as he began to lick up many of the humans who happened to fall onto the field. Mmmm....they tasted so good. But he knew he couldn't eat them all....he was hoping someone could come and help. Turning up his head, he growled out. "Hey Rexx, come back here!"


The huge shadow of a truly monstrous paw darkens the entire city. The mile wide, mega-hyena's toes curl in anticipation, then with one well-placed stomp he smashes the entire city, grinding all it's inhabitants -big AND small, to oblivion.

There, now I feel better ;o)

Rexx Wolfe

pads by his wrecjked apt building and swivels hearing his name called out "Huh?" He growls happily seeing doral at the staduim full of littles running thought the exites trampling over eachother. "You see the speck?" He pads almost at a jog causing the ground to quake under the little paws/feet. it also makes deep buckled paw prints into the pavement casuing many streeets to erupt in traffic chaos. From the resulting acidents.  he stops about a block or two from the stadium "Well?"  He casually reaches down plucking a few foolish individuals running by his feet. "After the rapid ascent upwards he simply shoves them into his muzzle and starts to chew them into meat.  He swallos them and waves over to Rogue and Duncan playing with a heavily damaged car. Occupants screaming with trerrot as one door is ripped ajar by long white fangs "Hey fellas!" He smiles darkly and waits to see what Doral has found for him..*

Steed and F'lar

Steed gallops down the crowded sidewalk in overdraft form, his huge size and the sheer, battering-ram immensity of his gigantic cock jutting sending pedestrians diving for cover both sides.  The few unfortunate are creamed (literally).  A herd of police and city carriage horses follow close behind, along with a huge pack of dogs and cats, a pot-bellied pig and a goat (don't ask). Several reptiles cling to his back and harness.

Yes, he is rescuing the animals.

Turning down Marvin Gardens, the swelling ranks of critters flowing across the amazingly empty street, he makes a bee-line for the suburbs.  In the far distance behind can be seen the towering forms of Rexx Wolfe and Tyranno Toes busily engaged in smashing everything that catches their attention (which is just about everything).

*** meanwhile ***

F'lar gold dragon w Goldytoz(tm) is enjoying playing with his "model railroad" (winks at RDTF).  Watching steady streams of tiny people flowing into the doorways on all sides of the Main Station he... waits.  Lined up rows of interswitched tracks and trains, yes dozens of trains pulled into the building, rapidly filling, overflowing with the tiny tykes.

Wringing his toz with gleefully evil grin he waits until one packed, silver train begins to creep toward.  He makes his move.  Reaching down, toes outstretched, he digs claws deep into the gravel roadbed and slowly gathers the gleaming, steel rails into one gigantic fist.

His careful yank is perfect.  The track rails slipslide right out from underneath the rows of trains leaving them stranded.  The cries, shouts and screams are amazingly loud to his fine-tuned hearing.  Now for the fun part.

Reaching with his other foretoz he... plucks one end of a string of cars into the air dangling like a piece of silver spaghetti and, opening his great maw (hey, keep my mother out of this), drops it slowly... in.  There are no survivors.

The belch can be heard for miles.

F'lar decides these would go better... cooked.  Leaning forward, he lowers his muzzle to the great skylight centering the roof of the large station and... breaks the glass, which of course showers down onto the crowd inside. Their screaming faces look up to see his gigantic, golden, dragonface hovering with wicked, twisted glee, forked tongue shooting down to flick and grab at them not actually taking anyone... yet.  The screaming and panic are the thing.

The fireball is awesome.  It rolls in movie magic slow mo across his tongue and down through the skylight into the cavernous room, blazing tendrils of pure fire licking clothing and screaming flesh bursting a-flame.  It swells to fill the entire station, doors and windows blowing out on all sides, particularly where the silver trains are helplessly lined up.  Fire billows along and through the cars/wagons, toasting almost instantly, their meaty contents.

Model railroading is a great hobby.

F'lar gold dragon w toasted trainpoppers(tm)


Rogue grrrrrs at Duncan and clamps his jaws more tightly around the cab, popping its tires and caving in its roof halfway.  He backs up from the advancing green titan, and then wheels and starts to run full-tilt away, his tail wagging merrily.  Vehicles and fleeing pedestrians are pounded flat beneath his heavy footpaws as he crashes through row upon row of low buildings and crosses busy streets, all for the deadly game of keep-away with the big roo.


The football game was going well, with the home team up by a field goal halfway through the fourth quarter. The Visitors had the ball on their own 40 yard line when just another cloud shadow came over the stadium. Since it was such a close game with not much time left, there was little real reaction to the towering form on the home team's side of the stadium. Several in the opposite stands did look up in disbelief at what >had< to be a promotional blimp. But wasn't halftime a while back? Who's sponsoring this Godzilla balloon? Why in the middle of the...

When it finally stepped over the home side, clipping the observation booth with his tail, several of the more rational-minded people decided that, for whatever reason, Godzilla had come to life and were fleeing while they still had a 'chance' to do so. As the giant foot came down squarely on the play in progress, flattening the entire offensive line and three quarters of the defensive, many of the people were still wondering how a balloon could do that. And with such...gruesome it was licking up other people, obviously in on the show, in the stands! What choreography! What...what? It's got me?  By the time it had sunk in, the giant lizard had already established his place. The crowds could not flee through the tight exits as fast as they needed to to escape the horrible fate that had befallen their fellows. It was a bottleneck on all sides, faint trickles of humanity leaking from the packed stadium. When 'it' called out to what apparently was another
monster...efforts to be the lucky ones to freedom redoubled.  Soon another shadow loomed over the stadium. It had already snatched several people and was chewing them like they were small snacks! A giant black wolf-form now dominated the choked stadium as well as the lizard one!

Terror wasn't the word to describe the feelings throughout the stadium. Some of those who had made it outside managed to see the trail of devastation this particular giant had wrought, with the twisted remains of several buildings and the crumpled pavement demarcating where his massive tread had fallen. Complete chaos, mere minutes after the third down of the visiting team's second attempt to win the game...

Natural selection is an interesting facet of life. The weaker people found themselves unable to breathe or outright trampled by the panicked crowds. Their bodies only further inhibiting escape of the others. Several find themselves thinking: Trapped like kibble in a dog bowl.

Speaking of kibble, there appears to be another monstrous pair heading towards the stadium. One has a small yellow taxi, complete with passenger and non-english-speaking driver, and the other, very large hindpaws and verdant fur. It seems the wolf in the lead, it's captive taxi blaring its protest, is playing an innocent game of keepaway from the green kangaroo behind him. What isn't so innocent is the fact that they aren't watching where they're headed. Anyone with a window view on the correct sides of small offices and apartment complexes are treated to a very brief glimspe of the next building over shattering, a monstrous pair of legs hurtling towards them, then the pearly gates. Many more aren't even fortunate to know what hit them. Cars are flattened, occupants and all, like flimsy Matchbox toys. A train is wrenched off the tracks by an errant hop and mangled nearly beyond recognition a block away. Reddened pawprint/craters pepper the trail of devastation, leaving little or no survivors to tell the tale. The innocent chase has been taking them closer to the stadium, seems the lure of so much packed humanity is subtly affecting the lead wolf's sense of smell...

...the smell of so many others as they packed into the train made many think of sardines. There was a general feeling of unease today, from the distant thunder with no clouds, to the increasing number smoke plumes wafting high above the city. Several dozen 'madmen' were claiming it was the end of the world and there were giant monsters loose in the city, and that they had seen their friends or family stomped or eaten. Some were outright paniced. How odd...

In any case, most of the trains were right on schedule, and may people were just releived to be off work for another day. Time to go home, relax, and....With a horrifying wrenching sound of metal, almost every train tipped over on its side. Screams of alarm and panic rose in a single chorus to the golden dragon's fine hearing. Few inside the knocked over trains could move, let alone see as the massive dragon picked up an entire train by it's end. Those fortunate enough to -not- be able to fit into the trains pack inside their only source of safety, the train station itself. For some reason, the dragon was letting them escape...

Those inside the eaten train had it easy. Asphyxiation can come surprisingly fast when there is nothing else to be done. Few were alive to feel their own slow digestion in the dragon's belly. But his attention wasn't on the recent snack. Many inside the station didn't think about the great crystalline skylight, and few looked up to see the descending face filled with malicious glee. Only when the skylight shattered did the utter futility of escape dawn on the crowd, and their screams were all the more pleasing to the trained ear of the golden dragon teasing them with his probing tongue. By the time the dragonfire had begun cascading through the room, the ill-equipped-for-dragon-attack train station had become a deathtrap. The much too slow revolving doors' glass melted instantly before being blown out into the streets. The emergency exits, poorly labeled and in one case blocked by a fallen train, also blew out in a massive torrent of flame. Those trapped in the overturned trains suffer a similar fate, as the flowing fire easily sweeps along the entire set of trains...The pain is brief, but the death is still death.

The smell of burnt flesh turned the stomachs of all who smelled it in the coming weeks, save for the stomach of the one who had ordered his playtoys well-done...The growl of his stomach for more food after his small snack is also heard for miles...Hmm, seems there's a gathering at that stadium on the other side of those skyscrapers...Perhaps there would be a sufficient meal waiting?


The distinct stench of death and destruction was strong. It could almost be tasted, almost felt so close to your skin. Little creatures ran this way and that, searchinf desperately for some KIND of refuge, or safety. In every direction there was nothing but the wall of gruesome death. The ground was covered in giant pawprints of unrecognizable size. Large skyscrapers, which defined the city as a thriving metropolis, became piles of debris and rubble. Human, living creatures, many of which had bright futures ahead of themselves, were now just sitting piles of bloody goo and crushed bones.

They were just victims to the utter playfulness of the giant creature, who chose this city as their playland.

And did these creatures care? Not one bit...the utter essense of life wasn't even a concern to them. The only thing that matter was their enjoyment. And enjoyment they had....

Doral began a series of lapping up several humans inside the stadium, many of which became confused and ended up on the field. The way they were disposed of was unique, in a way. Unlike a dog, who usually laps up his food with short, quick licks, the lizard let his longue, sticky tongue grab several humans at once. It was such a long tongue, too; he could eat miles of humans, all sticking to his tongue, in just one, simple gulp. Mmmm, the taste of live, squirming flesh felt so good going down his throat.

The lizard stood up after his meal, wiping his sticky, huge paws against the ground, like he was cleaning them off. He looked over to Rexx, drips of blood running from his muzzle. "Hey Rexx, do me a favor....Pose!!" Reaching over, he grabbed a blimp, and focused it in front of Rexx. The blimp was equipped with a large camera, and whatever it saw, was clearly visible on the Jumbo-tron, a large TV that made everything the blimp saw...well, bigger! Rexx's face became the center of the TV to the remaning humans that managed to stay alive.

Doral laughed as he jumped around Rexx, positioning the camera on varoius parts of Rexx, as he creamed out, "Yeah, Rexx! Pose for me baby!" In an instant, another series of footsteps were heard in the distant. Looking over, Doral saw another large wolf running over, complete with taxi in maw, with a giant green kangaroo in hot pursuit!! What's going on there....

Rexx Wolfe

* Looks down upon the little pests streaming out infront of the stadium his black eyes look down upon them like two massive pools of crude oil not even his whites are seen only the glassy blackness that bores into them with a look that can only be summed up as a mix of glee anger hate and even a hint of some predatorial lust.  his massive form is also black  the only tints of grey are from rubble and the dust on his fur.  There is alo patches of damp or even wet looking parts.  They look like water or grease but if the terror stricken are too paralyzed with fear they see a faint crimson look It's blood thier blood it stains around his hands and feet and around his muzzle hinting at what he has been doing to get the stains.  All these observations are made by one very foolish reporter with a camera trying to catch what to him is the story of the century, The Giants had come the so called mosters that have been blamed for many attacts on thier cities, No one could explain where they came from or why they lay waste to so many. Some of them seem to be almost mindless predators and others are frighteningly intelligent.

Rexx meanwhile has been quite a busy wolf.  kicking cars and all manner of rubble into the path of the fleeing bugs to herd the painic stricken into larger groups.  he even smashes a few under his massive foot to cause them to herd like livestock which to him it is all these tiny people are meat and toys.  he reaches down with a blood/gore stained paw and squeezing the life from a few as he lifts them up to his black muzle where they flail and sceam almost comic in appearance.  he flashes them the most unsettling grin with long white fangs and pink gums this being the only most unsettling place that is not black. He seems to toy with them slowly dropping them in twos or three's into his muzzle swollowing these whole savoring the feeling of live pprey trace down his gullet and neck into his awaiting stomach to be digested alive.  The reporter looks at his fellow city citizens as small bulges going down the wolfs neck and he nearly loses his luch. Yet he still films with some dark almost obessive fascination.  Rexx barks out to the other giants whom he has also been filming "Hurry it up already we have to wreck all this before they get thier pathetic soldiers here to ruin the fun!"  Rexx waves over to the gold Dragon and Sees the fire after perking from the belch and laughs "Well brought up! Did you find the little snot yet? he's here I can smell that speck he's here!"  Things go bad for the reporter he's been spotted and the wall of black thunders for him.  There is noplace
to run he squeeks "pplease no please!"  But his cry is cut short as a paw almost playfully pins him under its toes remarkably his camera is intact his precious footage is safe yet he is in a whole world of trouble as tree trunk fingers reach down only to pull him up to the beasts muzzle where he watches with a terible fasination as the wolf speaks blowing his hot breath over him.  "Your awful brave and stupid to be filiming us talking meat!"  the reporter shudders  at being reduced to the role of walking food! he pleads despreatly "Oh please mighty wolf do not eat me Do not crush me!Please no!"  this annoys Rexx somewhat yet he gets a kick from hearing his toys beg for mercy.  he squeezes gently yet enough to hurt the squaking pest "Shut up your nothing to us know your place and accept it!"  Suddenly he hears chrashing and tumbling and peers over to see Dunc and Rogue padding towards him he WOOFS! over to both of them as they approach.  "Hey Doral What do we do with nosey bug that do not realize thier place!"  he laughs the terrible sounds making him wince as his ears echo with pain from the deep and loud voice.  The reporter despreate.  "You'll be famous on the TV!  Yoiu know The box that shows stories about things!" he holds the camera with one arm and prys at the fingers with the other. "You fool Do not insult me I know what a TV is!" I'll wait till Rogue gets here He likes reporters for dessert!" the little wimpers and continues to beg and rexx Smiles wickedly letting his cries go unawnswered.  "Hey Rogue I gotcha a lil treat!"  is the last thing the reporter hears as rexx continues to entertain himself by squishing the poeple bellow full knowing the little one is witnessing every detail. *

*erps and inserts a pose.  he poses and snarls For the camera so the whole staduim sees his fangs  and Growls "Doral you goofball  ya gotta smash the rest and herd them up for supper! he sirks and does a quick pose showing a stomping of a few littles "hey Speck this will be you!" when I find you!*

*points to the dragon he did a pose even if he was lost on the whole scene he posed. Dino tasked him <I'll get you for this speck>  so he posed. he missed the last few poses and he poses<theme?>   Shrugs and just toys around with a few little people crushing the odd one or two under his toz.*


No matter how many times the number 9-1-1 was called, which would have numbered in the thousands, there was no response...mainly because the local facility had taken on the shape of a rather large pawprint...which was the new trend in architecture... The immediate area surrounding the half-decimated football stadium was the most common place for these calls, but cell phones required cell Towers to work...and most had been knocked aside easily. Any telephone poles had been snapped like twigs underpaw, sealing off the stadium from any help whatsoever....Not that anything would help...

The entire 120 yard length of the field was pockmarked with paw imprints, each one a gruesome mash of red goo. Few survivors weren't spattered with the remains of their flattened fellows...Smoke trails rose high into the sky all around, casting a haze of darkness and despair over the remaining city. As the jumbotron's backup power lights it up with a closeup view of the wolf's....victims...the sheer panic of the citizenry reaches such a level that many snap. Their minds, already overburndened by the impossibility of such....disaster was finally broken by the intelligence and glee that lay behind the eyes of their tormentors. Some curled up into the fetal position, others ran about laughing manaically, but one thing was for sure...their fates were sealed.

News broadcasts worldwide had focused upon the havoc. There was little actual footage to go with for most stations, since their techincal equipment and employees weren't able to survive over a thousand tons of pressure...but one station had it all...though the actual reporter in the wolf's bloodied grip would rather have been elsewhere... KRSH, news channel 12 had the 'exclusive' and was hogging the ratings, like they would be more important than the life of one reporter. Other channels had scientists explaining just how impossible these events were, how bone would shear in two and whatnot...It had little effect on the lives already lost, the destruction already done, and the millions more waiting to be trampled like mere insects...or worse, to be eaten like a scrap of meat that had fallen off the table, and into the dog's dish. The immediate effects of the broadcasting were disbeleif. Wasn't April 1st just a couple weeks ago? And like that scientist said. Impossible! Many refused to believe and went about their lives...Those within sight of the distant smoke plumes were a bit more concerned...What was really happening over there? All these helicopters...

Is this real?

And as for the half dozen giants, it was an Ordinary Day.

Just an Ordinary Day...


Time may have seemed to come to a standstill, but every second seemed like hours as the huge giants destroyed the city with reckless abandon....the chaos was everywhere....the wild throngs no longer knew who was destroying what; they only knew that everything was being destroyed. Buildings crumbled and cars was crushed underfoot by the to giant furs, chasing each other playfully over a yellow taxi, nothing but a Twinkle to them, minus the cream filling. One giant lizard and his huge canine campanion ran amuck in the stadium, amusing themselves with the Jumbotron, completely oblivious to the millions of humans the splattered under their paws. A giant gold dragon literally 'remolds' the train system, setting all the cars ablaze with his flame breath, while a giant horse breaks free some animals in the zoo, with only the use of his...giant organ as a battering ram? Weird, you think? Things only just began to get weird.

Welcome to part two. There is only so much time before the humans believe that something must be done. To them, this is not play time...this is a state of national emergency. To these insignificant specs, this is war. A battle so spectacular, that in its victory lies the greatest glory that this planet have even seen. Through this victory, nothing will ever seem impossible again.

In the exquisite glory of the world's military forces, thousands, millions of war vehicles from all directions have been sent to deal with the 'situation'....fighter jets, bombers, tanks, warships, carriers, troops, hummers....every possible weapon was at their disposal. The only thing excluded from the arms were the nuclear weapons, for fear that that it would cause more harm than success. It was an all-out attack anywhere, at anytime, to save the remaining survivors from these creatures.

It was hell on earth. Church attendence went up 500%. New founded prophets declared this as "Jesus's return" or as the "end of the world". Crowds of people despearatley killed each other to dive into underground bonb shelters. Brootherhood was no longer an option. It was kill or be killed. It was every man for himself.

But now, the federal government had sent their own saviors; the pilots, soldiers, captains, generals, commanders, everyone and everything they had at their disposal. The sky now was littered with planes instead of smoke from the blazes. The ground was covered in soldiers and tanks instead of dead bodies and debris. And as they neared the stadium, all sights set on the lizard (because he seemed to be the weakest to kill), the command was given, and soon, in a spectacular blaze of unbeliveable firepower, every weapon they had was fired at him from every angle. There victory was in sight....nothing could survive their onslaught....

Doral blinked softly, feeling was felt like a series of insignificant insects bites on his back. Turning around, he saw the myriad of troops and arsenal coming his way, attacking him with utter abandon. Doral could not help but laugh at their pathetic attempt to save themselves. "You only making things worse for yourself," he bellowed. "But, if you want to play...." He bent down and squinted his eyes, grinning evilly as his eyes turned a bright red...

"...then let's play."


On the beach, many tourists were getting their R&R, oblivious to the disaster in the nearby city. People were swimming, surfing, and getting sunburned, while emergency personnel were leaving, well aware of what was happening. Since an evacuation would only add to the mass hysteria in town, they figured leaving people in the dark was best; and since the power plant had been destroyed, they were.

After finally destroying the inland city, and still no sign of that speck, the giants decide to head to the beach, knowing there would be even more buildings and people there. Taking care to step on the cars below, the behemoths head to the shore...

Bill had been stuck in traffic for hours. He knew that the city was being destroyed, and wanted out, along with about a million other people. Suddenly, he felt the ground shaking again, then saw the giant, green lizard coming over the horizon. Instinct kicked in, and he got out of his Cadillac and ran. The ground shook harder and harder, and turned down a back alley, near one of the only buildings, a Krispy Kreme donut shop, fortunate enough to be spared.

Doral continued his stroll, loving every minute of destruction. As he walked down the street, he noticed a building that was still intact. He couldn't bear to think he left the job of destroying the city unfinished, so he walked causally to the building, and kicked in the sides, making sure it would collapse, feeling a unique squish under his foot as he brought it down on the foundation. Doral finished crushing the building and moved on.

Bill squeaked in despair when he saw the lizard move towards him. Having nowhere to go, he ran into the shop, hoping it would be spared, and helping himself to a donut. A few moments later, he heard a sudden CRASH and looked up to see the underside of the giant foot over his head. Panicking, he laid face-first down on the ground, praying that he would somehow survive. He then felt the foot press on his body, pinning him under its several tons of weight. "Now I'll NEVER get my lottery check," were his final thoughts as the lizard crushed him and moved on to the countless others that remained...

Rexx Wolfe

The city was already suffering damage that would make a bomb attack amount to nothing more then graffiti on the wall. The black wolf hmmed deep in his thoughts. And to the reporter held in a deathgrip that has already cracked a rib sending paroxsims of pain through his body with each movement the wolf made even if they were slight. He stared up into those black eyes only seeing the liquid pools reflect himself and the smouldering ruins behind him.  And who was this other he called to to be offered as dessert this creature as intelligent as it seemed was enjoying this he's a ruthless predator hunting.. No not a predator this is far more evil then simple predation he's a monster. The reporter lifs his camera and starts to pan around him behind he films many of these creatures attacking what used to be the largest city in this nation. And they seem to have just started!  He foucuses on  an immense Creature that is brillantly golden scaled a dragon seeing him eat all those innocent people in such a horrifying way burned alive and chewed up. He could smell the smellof burned bodies and blood from here which made him nauseated.  The other sight he catches a glimpse of was twp playing keepaway with a taxi!  Another wolf with a taxi and a green kangaroo. Its then he thinks that he is dreaming and this is all just some terrible dream he had a few to drink lastnight and he's asleep. But the pain is too real as the wolf squeezes harder "Oh seemes the wolf is too busy oh well Guess your my toy now. Beg for your life. And call me master Or you'll be a smear like the rest of your kind insect." The wolf growled in a tone that vibrated to the very core of  his chest. The reporter cried out "Please No let me go now! Look this tape will make you rich! " and with this he laughed! "Me rich! I'm not like your kind I have no need for wealth. Now beg runt or i'll start to squeeze like so." And with that a audible cricle is heard  and the tiny man howls ands screeches with pain.  "Please let me live I'll *choke* do anything!" The wolf just grinned then spoke again as the camrea somehow still strapped to the mans arm turned upwards to record the wolfs terrible face. "I have no use for you. You cease to amuse  me and I'm still hungry." He smirked. I know we'll make an educational film Your camera has a light. He pauses a moment to lift the man and the camera to the level of his muzzle "I call it Rexx's stomach final resting place for the insects. Thats you humans by the way.  "Your  a monster let me Agrrahhhhhhh! The wolf drops the human causally in his muzzle and makes a quick swallow of the reporter . <only a few months later a badly caroded vid cam will be found in the country.  The tape showing a mans foolish attempts to get a good shot.  And part of the terrbile horror he went throgh being swallowed alive a blessing is the battery ran out before the real unthinkable horror begins.. > Rexx strode on as if nothing had passed. "Pathetic" He mumbles and lets out a thick belch as he heads for the downtown core were many painced masses seemed to have been herded  as most of the attacking macros seemed to be in the outskirts of the city they fear filled fled inwards.  "Hey saves us on the herding!"  He pounds closer but for now amuses himself in a fast food strip he sits down to speaker unable to refrain from goofing off as he crouches down to a Mc donalds speaker. "I want 3 thousand humans to go with a happy meal NOW! Oh and mustard please! He then slams his foot on the buildings roof  peering at the trapped citizens licking his lips . "Excuse me i placed an order!"