Digimon Doujinshi  


One more set of warnings:

Digimon Adventures and all characters belong to Toei Animation.  The artwork on the following pages belong to the respective manga-ka and circles.  I have tried to give credit where possible.  None of this belongs to me.  I make no profit from these pages or images.  They are for entertainment only.

The following doujinshi pages contain yaoi and shounen ai.  Both of these terms indicate male/male relationships.  The cover galleries are fairly tame, but some of the doujinshi themselves are very graphic.  Please use caution when viewing.   Doujinshi scans are marked with proper warnings.  If something bothers or offends you, just don't look at it, it's as simple as that.


Clicking a gallery link will open a new window:

Taito/Yamachi Covers Gallery

-Contains covers that are basically Taichi and/or Yamato only.

General Covers Galleries

-Contains covers that depict any yaoi relationship except for Taito/Yamachi (or Yamakeru).

Digimon Doujinshi Scans Page 

-Contains doujinshi scans, mostly Taito/Yamachi, but with a few others thrown in for fun.