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 Post subject: Mass effect 4 Andromedia Systems Survivor's
PostPosted: Sat Nov 15, 2014 4:51 pm 
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There I lied in a rubble of the remains of the Normandy and crew not dead but sure wishing I was... Blood was pouring from my wound I was barely consciousness... I was slowly but painfully bleeding out... I had nothing else to live for our mission had failed the Normandy crew had been wiped out and I was what remained... We failed to destroy the collector homeworld Shepard was dead and the world as we knew it was doomed for exctintion... I cranes to look around... The body's of our crew was being collected for the devious deeds to be used for their undead army... I groaned as I tried to move... I didn't want to die like this... The more I moved the more I hurt... I knew I was doomed but something caught my eyes... My wife... Kali... She was surrounded by collectors! No I muttered but I was too weak to move... The aliens suddenly as if by surprise killed her instantly and left me in a heartless almost raged.... She was killed by a knife to the back... Her body laid helpless on the floor all I worked for was gone... I had to get revenge... But how? I looked around once more... On one side was a platform that dropped off into the bowels of the ship and on the other side was a tsble... I knew I would have to take my chances... I forced myself to roll... As I spun pain surged through my body as if I had been struck by needles... I moved towards the drop off... The collectors didn't spot me to my luck at the edge I rolled off and began to freefall... To my luck the ship was slanted so I easily rolled down... It fell for at least a couple thousand feet. .. But alast  the impact was too much I blacked out... I never thought I'd wake up..



I snapped awake something was buzzing on my wrist... My omni tool had picked up a message... I groaned as I had lost a lot of blood... I intercepted the message, "err... Who is... " The communication was fuzzy but understandable, "This is admirable Hackett we are on the verge of extinction..." I new we'd failed but I'd thought we'd have time, "Sir what do we want to do?" He responded with the most surprising lines I'd ever heard one say, "Son your the last remaining human get to a ship and survive... You will be the profit for our race.... Get to the collector relay... It's the only way to escape their menace... It can only be traveled by a collector ship... It's still unknown but could get you to a new system... Andromeda maybe... Go black your the only one who can spread the word of our failure.... The message cut off... Leaving me in a trance of though... collector relay... It was only a myth... You see there are two types of relays known to us... the mass relays which are short distant transport going from galaxy to galaxy... Then there are red relays that travel to galaxy centers... These two run on dark mater... The belief is there are black relays that use black hole to travel extreme distances like from one galaxy to another... Mostly a myth it was a possibility and if it was anywhere it would be in the collectors reach...
I've done skyrim, far cry, saints row, mass effect, mirror edge, half life, SOCOM, portal 2, pikmon, pokemon, batman, halo, now I have to do minecraft!!

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