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 Post subject: Some Random Story (Renamed After Realized Was A Spamy Name)
PostPosted: Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:15 am 
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Chapter One CockZilla
Its been ten days since the terror of Godzilla subsided now it seems that once again everything was going to be okay…. But like many before those who seen him only live for so long… My name is Britany Spears and I am a survivor… Life was normal until he came again… It was late one night and I was attempting my newest concert… Its all about the dicks baby… We were preparting to end when the giant roof was torn off and something we all wish we could forget came in… A ghiant almost speared headed cock all so big it took up the length of a entire football field… I screamed as the dick began to wobble and extend… It was slowly making its way towards me… not knowing what to do I reached for this massive thing… It was so soft and well lets just say that I eating caramel anymore… It shuddered as I wrapped my entire arm around this dick… From above a loud ooooh fuck yah sounded and not in a white man voice but a black mans… I said to the voice take me with you make me your bitch… He groaned as a giant hand reached down and picked me up… He wrapped his dick around his dick and like a pleasured clown whose whole has been a sexual deviant challenge… He stroked his massive chode me and him together like a sandwitch… The sheer power gave me a sense of pleasure beyond what anyone could comprehend… My tits were moist, all my orpheases were beyond my control… I couldn’t help but squirt… this white and rather moist and damp cum like subtances… Its like when you leave ice cream out for a day and is both salty and well melted… Imagine taking a bath in a a thick silly putty which was wet… OOOH yes that’s the stuff… I mpoaned as he increased speed I could feel my body being ripped apart but still I coundt help but be in complete and utter ah… I could feel myself slowly blacking out but Godzilla wasn’t done… He tossed me to the ground and I could see him above… He made a chuckle as he bent over the field…. He was going shit and I knew it… Like a cleveland steemer I could only brace for impact as this giant and rather wet shit fell… Like an earthquake the shit fell and to my surprise everyone died…
I've done skyrim, far cry, saints row, mass effect, mirror edge, half life, SOCOM, portal 2, pikmon, pokemon, batman, halo, now I have to do minecraft!!

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