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 Post subject: Sauria Las Erotica
PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 9:59 pm 
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She'va nods then set me onto the ground... sure enough the box was buried underneath the ground and inside was what i assume I had buried... I then took out my photos and examined it... Sure enough I was right... I looked at She'va, "I think we are dreaming!!" She nods, "What's wrong? You don't sound very disappointed... Don't you want to go to your homeworld?" I sigh, "I just don't know anymore... I mean I want to see my family again but I want to enjoy it with someone I love and that someone is you.. She sighed, "Aww thanks Rex!" "SO I'VE COME TO THE CONCLUSION THAT WE ARE DREAMING... IS THIS PART OF THE SIDE EFFECTS OF THE SOUL LINK?" She'va nodded Yes meaning we were sharing the same dream... "How long do you suppose this will last?" She thinks... "I really don't have a clue but I'd guess a hour I mean time flows differently in dreams than in the real world... It's hard to tell..." I responded, "Well I guess we should find a place to stay while we wait... You know.... Since this is a dream and what we do in here won't really affect us in real life... You uh wanna do some stuff.... If you catch my drift..." She gave me a blank look, "You know the kind of stuff reserved for those who like to uhm... Get Intimate?" Slowly her brain began to wrap around the thought... then she snapped, "Oh You mean sex!?!?!" I nod shyly... She stops and begins laughing, "Your wah of putting it was rather confusion... Why didn't you just say so!?" "Well it's not something one say out loud it's awkward okay...!" She laughs, "Your species has weird ways of saying things do all humans act like that? Trying to work around the question?" "Actually we are... We are kinda of a species that... Shit I'm starting to call myself a species... I mean we as humans are always classy and don't really come out and say hey you wanna fuck or some other thing like that!" "Hey Rex I've been meaning to ask what exactly doe that word you say Fuck is it? What does it mean!?" I scramble awkwardly trying to recover from the question... it was time to show my classy side, "It uhm... means to sign... You know when your looking for a lover who has the same uhm likes as you, it's a acronym for finding unconditional classy kinks.... It's a kind of weird sex thing... I thought in my head, "Shit that was close!" She still gave me a weird look... "Okay so you wanna have that so called unforgettable moment!?"

She'va nods her head yes which took me a second before I realized she agreed! She looks at me, "So you know this place better than I do where does someone of my size... Have this sex?" I took a second to think about it before answering, "Hmm... Let's see the best place I'd say is way out into the country side but that's less um erotic... What about..." I scan around looking outwards into the distance... On one side the large city of Louisville Kentucky was visible and the other the long distance of the fields of various ghettos and other small neighbors which eventually broke into the hills of the older counties which were more suburban... I focused my distance to the city when something caught my eye... In the center of the city was the large horse race track which had not than enough room for a large godzilla sized kiaju... It also satisfied the eroticness of being well watched.... Fuck what was I saying there was some seriously wrong with my head... I looked at She'va she was giving me a almost deviant look... clearly she was ready to do this though o was beginning to wonder how this whole size difference would actually effect us... I pointed towards the country side where a huge farm like field was visible it would be our playground... wow even I felt that was a creamy pun.... I should shut up!

She'va came to a stop at the field where she stood for a few minutes... I finally realized she was waiting for me to say something, "What's wrong?" She sighed awkwardly, "I don't know how to say this but... I have no idea what to do!" I laughed, "Its okay neither do I! I guess it's kinda like uhm masturbating where it just naturally happens... " She nods then awkwardly looks away, "What do you not masturbate.... I mean your equivalent to masturbating.... Before?" She shakes no... "Okay I guess here I'll take lead you just do what I say.... I think we could get something to work..." She nods, "Okay but don't think I'm not the alpha here!" I nod, "Okay first I guess you should lay down on your chest so that your cloaca is exposed, bit first set me down... She nods then after dropping me between her legs she lays on her back which causes a small seismic quake, on my perspective her legs span out in the left and right side and the feet were behind me... The size of her legs and the scutes on her leg were massive, I looked to her torso keating eyes with her semi exposed cloaca, The size and massiveness of it was astounding and not at all unpleasant... I couldn't help but look... a Oval shaped ring of scales that were larger than most of her others surrounded the pinky fleshy opening as if a rim on an jar, her cloaca stood at a height of nearly ten feet tall which was about the same length of a car... No doubt a car could fit into it... Thinking logically image seeing a whales vagina... Not just any whale but a blue whale and yes it's ten feet and the shaft of a blue whale was even longer!"

Her cloaca was slowly pulsing with the speed of her hearts biometric rhythm... with each vibration I felt my shaft slowly but steadily crawling down My pants leg... I took a step closers and felt a breeze of fragrant gas erupt from her cloaca, filled with hormones you could tell she was virgin... The closer I got the harder I got... I looked down, I was running out of room so I shed my close the shaft now exposed it's pink yet distinctly hard shape sex organ was visible... I laid my hand down onto the firm ridges as I prepared to enter the beast... I yelled up to She'va, "She'va I need you to open wider!! Try to spread your legs outwards it will allow a bigger gap!" She giggles doing it... With her legs apart the lips part exposing two large deep holes that went to very different areas... This made me hard as I'd ever been... grunting I tried to slow down My anxiety to rush my uhm process... I now had two decisions where to hit first... I knew one went into the great unknowns of the saurian uhm... Rectum or to the vagina there was a third option that involved a smaller hole where the liquids are how shall we say recycled... I looked at the middle hole the largest above it a small but very almost penis shaped structure was slowly twitching... I had taken anatomy and well only paid attention to the things I would need later in life... I had learned that this so called spot was called a cliterous... Sorry if the name sounds derogatory... it's size was tremendous and very well squeezeable... I walked up to it and began running my hand along its fleshy and raths moist surface... This sent vibrations into her body which could be felt from the ground... She began to moan which made me grunt trying to contain myself... I began to formulate some fun things to do with this new discovery... I looked at her tail which was just perfect to get a stand on... I climbed on and now was face to face with this large penis shaped region... I began to stroke it again this time with both hands... It began to somewhat vibrate faster this time... I knew I'd found the spot! I began to move inwards above this I could heard her huge vaginal muscles working... groaning she let out sounds of liquids.... I peered into the vaginal opening where it was beginning to pick up moisture... I felt a sudden urge to move into uncharted regions... I climbed up onto the highly color which was had to grip... She giggled and groaned simultaneously as I climbed into the ever so changing region... Immediately I was stuck as I found myself almost crushed, imagine if you are trying to crawl through a pool filled with slugs, it's both gross and very slimy... It's was not at all unforgettable as who would be able to say I got to have sex inside of a vagina!!! As I moved inwards the passageways became one unforgiving trying to swallow me up as if I was unwanted... I started to feel myself looking my hold and I slipped onto the bottoms of the fleshy tunnel her wall making contact with my how should I say uhm shaft.

The soft slime and the sides of mg shaft sent a electrical like charge through me my entire body began to shudder as did hers... looking down I found myself suddenly harder than life.... I laid down so I was sitting horizontally her passages Malibu, I began to rub my shaft along her vaginal walls in thrusting movements so that I could try to surpass the current harden it was at... imagine if your getting gas for your car and you know when you want to get like twenty dollars worth but when the meter tops out your like fifteen cents short we'll for your car to get those extra fifteen cents is like for us men we must top off to get that we'll alternate ending... As mine was not yet there I moved faster to the point in was getting exhausted, The taste i went the one I felt the shaft well grow, inside my body it was like I was pushing so hard that the fun was being forced up like a milkshake through a straw... It's so thick that you know if it's coming up or not...She'va began to groan and moan louder and more well the sound was explosive to me... I began to lose my standing and soon found myself to that relegate point... Everything soon began to slow my body began to go limp the shaft began to lose size as its job was done, I groaned as my body went numb the sheer amount of work that went into this was astronomical... panting I laid down as the last of the white creamy liquid popped our of me... it felt so fucking good... She'va was too slowly adjusting to her exhaustion.... I began to slowly realize that I was so tired I'd had no power to move... I looked around feeling somewhat cramped as the walls began to return to their normal position... I watched as the space began to converge onto me... soon the walls were not my shape and I began to taste the fluids that were slowly forming around me... The salty almost sea water like taste gave me an feeling of erotic forethought... I suddenly began to realize that I may have been wrong about her body's exhaustion as I began to notice the liquid was not just growing around me but the sound from further in was becoming louder... I tried to shuffle but the more I moved the more I noticed liquid... soon it didn't take long to realize what was happening... She was flushing me out... In in the way you'd think but through uhm... Let's just say it's like a women's way of cumming... In a way... Soon I found my that there was a load of pressure being built up in front me and I was not only liking it but found my self being somewhat drowned in it... I opened my eyes to the sight of this odd colored liquid slime... For humans it was white for the Suarians though it was blue probably from their silicon based DNA.... it tasted like human orgasm... So it must have been the same thing just another color... I began to choke as she rumbled loudly.... She screamed as the fluid became too much... In a fraction of a second the walls of her vagina became flash as I rushed out of her like a lavadome on a volcano! It was not only crazy but I'd guess from my near blacking out I'd hit a few Gs doing it... I hit the ground followed by the large blue slime that quickly made a muddy puddle around me.... She sat panting in the dirt... sighing she looked at me slowly she reached out plucking me up... She spoke in a very pant like voice, "Suarias... You did... Amazing I.... I can't stop thinking.... Awww Yah!!" I laughed as she laid me down still drenched in the slimy blue liquid onto her chest where k got s good hearing of her stomach which growled inside... "I loved this i mean aww man you did great yourself!! I'm gonna need a shower... Shit!!" "She looked at me, "I.... So tired... That so wore me out..." I nod me too so exhausted, I soon pass out from lack of energy.
I've done skyrim, far cry, saints row, mass effect, mirror edge, half life, SOCOM, portal 2, pikmon, pokemon, batman, halo, now I have to do minecraft!!

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