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 Post subject: Adventures In Saurian
PostPosted: Thu Nov 21, 2013 6:22 pm 
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I sat down on my bed relaxing after a long day of school. Because it was the second week of college I was beginning to realize that I was actually doing more work now than ever before. I groaned as tossed my bag across the room. I felt myself wishing to escape this life to a place where humans are nowhere... I knew as long as I was on earth and among humans like myself money will always come first. I felt the stress draining as I sank deeper into the bed. I was about to fall asleep when I felt something vibrating on my bed... I flipped the pillow over and noticed a strange object under the pillow. Shaped like an IPhone only the texture around it was a carbon fiber texture and had what appears to be a footprint symbol with great texture. I scratched my head... what the heck was this. I examined the object rotating to every angle trying to figure out what it was... After a minute I gave up. I set it down. I laid back down on the bed and began to doze off. I started feeling weird, wondering what it was I woke again to find that the device had moved... I must be going crazy!!! I got up and picks up the device. Something about it was queer... it had began to reform itself... I wondering what it was I had got... I decided to hold onto it for a while to see what happens. I reached down to my actual cell phone and removed the case, the case was a armband strap making it easy to hide and see all at once. I pulled my sleeve over it and made my way down stairs...

During dinner I had suddenly felt a knife like stab in my arm... I yelped making my family surprised. They looked st me, "Son you okay!?" I nodded grudgingly teeth. I looked at my arm. The device had now completely embedded itself into my arm... I looked at mom and dad, they had concern on their face... I had to fight through the pain... I might as well be imagining things.

After dinner I ran back to my room and examined my arm. The entire arm had began to absorb the device the veins in my arm had turned a green color and my skinhead started to harden... what was going on!?!" I decided to wait till morning to see a doctor... I took a couple pain killers then went to bed.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I was still asleep somewhat, I rubbed my head. More taps felt on my body. I opened ny eyes realizing it was raining. I looked around I was out in the middle of a large field. I was clearly not in my home. I looked down My arm was back to normal there was no evidence of the weird device. I got up and scanned the horizon. There was something off about this place. I looked up, the sky seemed to have a weird almost digital pattern. Where the he'll was I!?" I looked down at my body, my clothing had changed... It looked as if I was wearing a combat gear... the chest plate was a almost star wars build painted with a red insignia of an dragon claw on it... much like the device. I was also wearing a pair of metal armored leggings and pants that matched the chest plate in design. I had a weird feeling about this.

I got up and began exploring. Before setting off I made a mark in the ground by drawing an large X in the mud. I then starts towards the north which I discover was towards the distant mountains. I could just barely see them off in the distance.

I eventually made it to the edge of the planes which took hours of walking. Along the border I discovered there was a voice coming from the distance. It sound femalish and faint. It sounded helpless and injured. Something was in trouble. As I took a step into the new territory I was hit by a gust of icy wind. I shuddered. Burr it's cold. A blizzard was erupting... I looked around the snow blurred my vision like a white out. I yelled over the roar of snow to the mysterious voice, "HELLO WHERE ARE YOU!?" The voice replied only faint, "You can't help me I'm gonna freeze to death!!!" I gritted my teeth as I threaded the attic blast. The suit did a fairly good job of heat loss prevention but I was begging to realize the snow was making the suit crack... I pulled the suits helmet on as I had started to loose feeling to my face. The suits helmet brought up an heart beat scanner. I found that something was out there. It's life was slim... the blimp was shrinking. I had to move fast. The further I traveled into the heart of the storm the more I realized this suit was not gonna make it. The hud began to buzz an internal temperature warning. I was almost there.

I fought the storm till I had came to blimp. I fell to the ground. The visible was horrible. I used my hands and felt around.. the snow was thick as caramel. I dug deeper as I watched the blimp disappear. I couldn't give up!" "GODDAMN IT STAY WITH ME PLEASE!!!" I started to slam my fist into the snow trying to find any sign of life. Suddenly I discovered something... I felt around, there was a long and scaly textured object buried... I began to scoop snow off the body. The scaly creature was limp and ice cold. As the more snow I removed the more I realized that this creatures was big... by the time I had it entirely injuries I discovered that it was around forty to fifty feet tall. I cleared the ice from its chest where I found the insignia of a dragon's claw. I wonder what the odds where. I had to warm her up. I looked at my suit... I hoped it would help... I pulled the suit off piece by piece. I laid it over the giants body.. immediately is as met with a ice cold gust that nearly froze my body. I looked down as my eye began to fog white... I spoke as I felt myself drifting from consciousness, "Please... hold on... you can't... can't die..." I felt a tear fall from my eye as I felt myself too dying. The suit right before my eyes began to glow... it began to reshape to the creatures shape and size... I at the time was lying on what I assumed was the chest. I felt a warmth inside its chest grow.. I looked at my body... I too was giving off a weird glow.. I looked at myself I was not going to live much longer. At the rate I was warming up I was also freezing. I shuddered as my vision began to blur, this is it, I said teeth chattering. I heard a voice from the creature below me, "Hold still..." I shook my head, "Wha... what are you talking ..." before I got a response the creature's hand wrapped around me her three fingers cradling me. She rose up and I realized that I had clearly miscalculated her size... She was at least a hundred to two hundred feet tall. "WHA... ARE YOU!?" She spoke in a feminine voice, "Brace yourself I'm gonna get us out of here!!" I nodded. Her hands were weirdly warm and I felt that warmth... She began to walk through the blizzard blowing... She used her arm to attempt to shield her head from the ice. I hadn't realized this but her face was a box shaped trex face. Her eyes where a dark red color her mouth was filled with knives teeth. I shuddered to think what she eats... hopefully not humans. She eventually got out of the mountains and into what appeared to a new territory... it was weird... instead of mountains the snow have way to a green luscious valley... what is this place!?

Eventually we found a section where we could stop and recollect ourselves. The behemoth suddenly drained of energy fell down... the impact knocked me out of her hand, I landed rolling and almost breaking my neck. I rubbed the bruises as I got up. From here I was I noticed just how insignificant I was to her... was she the average size of creature on this world or am I!?" I made my way towards her head looping around her hand. I approached her maw... Her mouth was half open and I couldn't help but peer into her maw... Her throat was a fleshy triangle shape and there was no uvuala... Her maw was dripping with saliva and made me nervous. I got closer and examined her tongue and teeth... I reached in and felt the tooth... it was weird the sheer size was about three feet long and her mouth by my estimation could open ten to thirteen feet wide... She could swallow me easily. I stepped back. I walked towards her belly. Her chest was breathing in and out heavily meaning she was probably asleep. Her chest was covered by a metallic plate as was her lower waist... probably to hide her parts. I dared not look... I made my way to her hand again and climbed up them onto her arms then onto her chest. I carefully advanced up towards her head. Before I managed to get there she snapped awake. Her body went up and I quickly lost my footing. I slid down her chest. Below was the ground an I had a feeling that I would no doubt not never survive a fall from that height. I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable end. I landed hard onto the ground surprisingly uninjured. I got up and shook the mud off my body. I turned to the giant dinosaur creature. She spoke, "What are you creature!? Why are you so... small!?" "What me!? Small!? To you yes but I'm pretty tall for a human..." Her face scrunched trying to see me, "What's a human!?" I hadn't expected that, "What... where am I!?! You mean to tell me I'm the only human here!?!" "Does all your species answer in questions!?" "Oops sorry... a human is a umm... a two leg six foot tall mammal from earth we live in places called cities here millions of us gather to live... only the humans find out that the only thing that matters is money and war... I am a human... humans are also all unique because they all have different properties meaning no two humans are identical... except twins and those are rare." She nodded either to keep me going or because she understood. "My turn... what are you and where are we!?" She laid her hand down, "human get on and I'll show you..." hesitantly I did as she said.

As she walked she explained, "Human... we are... I guess we are Suarians... We are all this size on this universe... for truth I think this is the first time I've seen a human before... why are you... small has your species not adapted!?" I felt odd... "What do you mean... adapted!? What does size give in advantage!?" She shook her head, "I guess it allowed us to survive..." She pointed to the distance a village was built up among the valley walls. If you were my size you'd never had seen it due to its height. I looked up at the saurian, "Do.. you have an name!?" She nodded, "She'va... what about you human you got an name!?" "Yah.. Rex.. Rex Maxis..." She nodded... so human how did you get here!?" "I have no idea... it's weird I found a device that embed itself into my skin and then the next thing I know I wake up here." Interesting so do you still have the device!?" I shook my head, "it disappeared as soon as I arrived... I looked at my arm... it was clear whatever had attached to me was gone. I felt around... I realized that it may not have left. On the spot it had gone in their was a lump under the skin... I realized the device had actually imbedded itself in my nervous system. I wondered why. I rubbed the wound. Suddenly it began to glow, my entire blood stream and spinal column glowed a bright neon blue... I yelped as I blacked out.

I was getting tired of all the blacking out. I started to wake up... something was off... really off. I thought to myself, "Come on why does this keep happening to me!?" A voice came from my head, "Human!? Is that you!?" I realized there was something weird happening. "How are you in my head!?" "My head what about you in mine!? What is going on!?" I realized that I had no physical body... "what... we're am I!?" "Human.. this might sound crazy but I believe we may have soul linked..." "What the hell is that!?" "Let me explain... In ancient times a device known as the soul link was made... this was before we adapted size... anyways upon discovering its potential and the ability to control a single body we sent it away... There were factions wanting to use it as a weapon.. Using rockets we sent it into deep space... I'm guessing it landed on your planet..." I wondered if that's the logic behind smart phones? "Well what do we do!? How long am gonna be stuck... in here!?" "Don't act like this is a bad thing... look I think we can turn it off but we must find the ancient scrolls... we should t as 'll to the elder." "Okay you lead... it's going to be hard to control.. besides it's you body.." you realize everything I do you feel... all senses and pretty much everything about me is transferred to your body... so if I get hurt you... get hurt." "Oh great... then don't get hurt!" She nodded and we walked to the village. I began to notice that there were senses that I'd never felt before. Her sense of smell was fifty times that of me. She had tremendous strength that made me jealous. I also felt some rather awkward sensations I'd wish I'd never felt.. She spoke, "human what's on your mind.. I sense that your.. disgusted... what's wrong?" "It's just weird... It's just that. Well your a female and I'm... well a male... I just find some of these sensations different.." "Oh that... I should have know... yah this just got awkward..." "Its okay I can handle it... I might have some questions... hopefully I won't ask them... {Cough...} sorry how far is the village!?" "We are close..." "Okay good..."

We arrived and I discovered that she had been right there were no humans and every saurian was either twice or half her size. She was average. I shuddered thinking that I would be a simple snack for these creatures... Of course She'va read my mind, "Don't worry human we're not meat eaters here... we mostly eat fish and sea food. I sighed in relief..." As we entered the city we were met with four to five saurian children, "They chirped in happiness as we walked in. "Did you bring us food did you!?" She'va shook her head no, I ran into a blizzard... luckily I survived. They giggled and took a seat, "Story Time!! Story time!!" She sighed, "Rex you up for it!?" "Yah why not it's not like I have a choice... Besides I love a good story!" She took a seat... "Okay here is what happened..." She explained everything up to the part where I came in.

She told the story including the part where she was saved by me. She stopped at the soul link part. The saurian children chirped and spoke, one of the young ones ask, "What's a human!? Is it food!?" I shuddered, "No... humans are not food... So any other questions!?" They shook their heads and left giggling and chasing one another. She'vas voice spoke, "Human you've been quiet what's wrong!?" "Its nothing... I just.. kinda miss my family..." "What's it like on Earth... if that's what it's called?" I sighed, "Well for starters the technology is well not like yours were barely able to leave our own planet... our type of communication is mostly through cables and possible satellite... also the planet is highly populated and in some places I've populated... it is weird when I look at your species I feel like they are almost perfect... every saurian is living the life."

She nodded, "come on let's head to my house... I've got some things to take of..." "Okay that's fine..." So we made our way to her house. Because technology here is based of size the houses looked to be two hundred feet tall. She'va walked through the door and the inside nearly blew me away... Her home was filled with large and expensive chrome furniture like a couch tables beds and other simple things you'd find in a home.. Her house was a four room building... a bedroom a bathroom a kitchen and living room. It appeared to be made of metal plastic combination... at first sight you'd think it was plastic but the closer you got the more metallic it appeared. I spoke, "What is this!? We don't have anything close to this on earth!!" "What this!? This material is everywhere! The enter mountain is built with it..." She'va moved to her kitchen, from my combined body I noticed she was hungry... "Weird I feel your hunger... So does that mean I also taste what you eat?" "I actually have no idea maybe?" She opened the fridge and took out a long raw shark..." "Dang a whole shark!? On our planet sharks kill more of us then any other animal... and you just eat them..." She laughed, "What you humans are are attacked by these things... you really are small!!" "Please at least tell me it's dead..." "Of course human I'm not that insaurian..." "What!?!" "You known injustice... not without morals!? It's a saurian saying!" "So inhuman!?" "I guess..." "Yum I've been waiting for a long time to eat you fishy!" She gulped the entire shark which slid down her throat like pill. "Mmmm!!!" I muttered, "How do you know what it taste like you just swallowed it!" HEY just be luckily it's a fish... honestly I could have swallow ten of your kind... I shuddered, "Really.... come on that's not cool..." "I'm just kidding human..." "Well it's scary..." She let out a sigh. "What's wrong She'va!?" "It's nothing I'm just thinking... I uh... never got to thank you for saving me. If you hadn't been there I would have been dead..." "She'va it's fine. Saving your life was only human nature... I knew that when someone was in trouble that I was going to help. Saving your life was the greatest act I've done..." "But why would you save me!? I look nothing like you... weren't you scared I mean you didn't know if I would eat you or not.." "The thing is you never know until you try. Besides being scared would only make me weak." "You may be a human but I am forever grateful." She and had an awkward moment of silence.. we both were tired and worn out. "Rex.. I think I am going to go to bed. "Okay that's fine.. I could use some sleep... I had no idea if I actually needed it or if it was She'vas body reacting to me... this mind stuff was weird... She'va laid down and we drifted to sleep.

We woke to a start... There was something going on in the village though we were not outside we both could smell something... if you asked me to place it I would definitely be able to but... I had no idea what it was though... "She'va what's going on...?" "Rex it's a long story I'll explain after we deal with them..." I knew something big was going on... I wondered if there was a reason for me being sent here... "Okay then let's go..." She nodded and together we left the house...

Outside the smell of burning rubble was heavy... A thick cloud of smoke rose off in the distance... something or someone was coming. I had a bad feeling... "She'va what's going on!? I don't think waiting is going to help... what are we up against!?" She sighed... "Look there is a war going on it this world... There are five major factions each on different continents, only there are actually six because we wanted to break free our village became the sixth... you see we wanted peace from these tyrants... The tyrants wanted to control the planet and to well make an army... you see their ideas are if you don't join then you die... they've managed to control the other five continents but we wanted out... we escaped mostly undetected but we knew it was only a matter of time before they discovered us... Our village does not stand a chance against their army... Look human... I mean Rex... I... You wouldn't understand that... I am in charge... I... don't know what to do... I feel helpless..." I suddenly realized what she felt... She felt helpless... I knew the feeling... I spoke in a strong and hopeful voice, "She'va your not in this alone... Look you may think that your useless but that's not true... Look around you... your people look up to you.. does that mean they think your useless... if you were useless they wouldn't see a need for you... I believe in you..." She began to tear up, "Thanks Rex... that means a lot to me... I never had someone talk to me like that before... Do you really think I can do it?" "Yes I do..." She nodded. "What to do..." I took got to thinking, "What about these other five factions? Do you think any would stand up and fight? I mean there is strength in numbers am I right?" "Well maybe Rex.. I hadn't thought about it... Maybe.." "Well we should find out." What about the others in the village!?" "I think you should decide... any places you could send them where the enemies couldn't find them?" "Shoot I hadn't thought about it... the ice cavern... it would be perfect!!" "Then tell them let's get them to safety..." "Okay your right!"

"Saurians!!! Gather around the enemy has found us!!!" They gathered in the center of the town, "We need to get out of here... there is a place where we can stay... it would buy us enough time to get aid... I've found a solution to save our planet... We must start a rebellion..." They shouted, "What how!?!" There has to b others willing to help... we know we aren't the only ones fighting this war!" They nodded in agreement, "Look as much as I want to stay and fight we all know we are out matched... we must flee to fight another day!! Everyone packed but make it light!!! We leave now!!!" They groaned as they got to work collecting their gear..." "She'va you did the right thing... I know this may sound weird but I think our planet went through the same type of war... on our world we called it the civil war..." "How did it end!?" "We were able to win our freedom from the dictatorship... it has to be a multi country war and is only won in numbers!" "So we have a chance!!" "Yes, I have a feeling we will win this..."

We began the trek to the arctic territory where we had almost died. Behind us the crowd of Saurians followed. We had nearly packed half the village. The cold air was no aid to the Saurians... I knew from my studies in class that reptiles are cold blooded... they absorbed heat by sunlight. I started to realize that this was true.. "She'va you need to stop... your body isn't going to make it.. Look there behind you... you may not know this but your cold blooded..." "Say what!?" "Your body absorbs temperature from your surroundings... that means your body doesn't generate its own heat.. basically your freezing... your gonna die..." "Your wrong... burr... it's cold out here!!" "Look take my advice you need to get a fire started and fast you might be able to move on but your villagers not so much..." "Err... your right.. She turned to the others... we need to warm up gather..." "Human what is this fire you talk of!?" "Ah you got to be joking!!" I sighed, "Okay to make a fire you must have wood and uh... some way to cause a spark..." She'va order the villagers to gather materials. The came back. We tallied up the materials we had twenty trees and some type of metallic stone... it blinkered in the sunlight... "Okay human now what!?" "You strike the stone against another when attempting to spark... you must do it fast and hard!" She did as such but nothing happened... "hmm that sucks... I feel like I'm forgetting something..." Then I remember that the rock needed was flint... "Crap.. just what we needed..." "What's wrong human?" "We need flint... Okay shoot... uh you could try this... rub the trees together and try to start it up..." "Okay" she said in a shiver. The wind had began to pick up.. the villagers had gather together trying to retain heat.

She'va slid the trees together for what seemed like a hour.. eventually there came a light fire from it... the blaze caught up faster than I had imagined. She'va shrieked dropping the fire.. it landed on the trees which also began to blaze... what surprised me was the fact that the trees went up despite the cold... this planet was weird. "She'va calm down your fine the fire is mostly harmless!" She and the others quickly retreated... "She'va you've got to trust me, this is the only way to warm up... get everyone to huddle around it..." She hesitantly moved toward the fire ans immediately the sensation of heat filled her body... see I told you would be okay... you now need to get everyone else to go near it." We both realized that the others had grown curious of this magic... The closer they got the more they warmed up... one of the kids approached it a little too close, "She'va get him!!! He's too close he will burn up!!!" She turned and grabbed the kid knocking him away from the fire... the child surprised shook the snow off his face, "Careful little on the fire is dangerous... we are safe at a distance..." They looked at She'va, "How did you learn about... fire!?" "Err um... From a uh... Human..." "You mean that creature you met..? What kind of magic is this!? Is he a alien?" She spoke to me, "I hadn't even thought about it... Are you an alien!?" "Well... I guess by the definition uh... yah..." "Yes... he is... only I know he is no more dangerous than a shark..." They nodded not so believing by her sudden knowledge..." The kids spoke, "Yah fire!!! Mommy it's so warm!! I wanna meet the human he is so cool!!! Can we see him She'va!? Can we!?" She'va shrugged, "I don't know... he is... well...." She looked to me for help, "it's okay She'va tell them... maybe they can separate us!" She'va began to explain what ha happened, "So you see its... he's inside my body..." The kid giggled, "You ate him already!?!" "Nice She'va..." She sighed, "No it's he has the soul link..." They all went silent... one of the elders came over, "You mean he soul linked with you?!" "Yes is there any way to reverse it!?" "Yes... In order to do so you must use the soul defusion... Tell the human he is the key... he must activate it mentally... then he will be able to retake his physical form... "You get the Rex..." "Yes... Here goes nothing.

I let out a breath.. "Okay here goes nothing..." I closed my eyes and forcing myself to link to my own soul I opened a link to the outside... confusion as it sound I had no idea what I want doing it was almost instinctual.. I let out a yell, "Soul Defuse!!!" With in a second I felt a sharp ripping pain as I was ejected from her chest... I blacked out within a second... I assumed I was dead.

I eventually awoke... I felt the cold air first and then a senses of being moved... I rubbed my eyes the vision still returning... I felt the ground below me there was a weird feeling of leathery pads.. then I realized that they were scales... I moaned as I sat up... My entire body felt as if it had been tossed off a building. She'vas voice came from next to me, "Rex your up great we're almost at the cave... You... kinda fell... I think your okay right!?" "AHH man my head... I rubbed the top, luckily there was no bump... "I'm okay... man what happened!?" "Your not in me anymore... The defusion worked..." I fell down and sighed... "Ah Thank God!!" I looked at where I was. I assumed from my vantage point I was on her shoulder. "So Rex, what do you think your gonna do when we get to the cave... I wanted to know if... uh... you wanted to go with me... I was... Erm... uh... Wanting the company..." "Sure why not! Besides I'm in this just as much as you are!! She'va your not alone in this war... I may be small... and rather useless but I will do everything in my power to help you!" She nodded which nearly knocked me off... "Sorry Rex... So I've been meaning to ask... what is your hatchers like?" "My what!?" "You know when you hatch from your egg those who take care of you?" "I... umm don't come from eggs..." "You don't then what do you come from...?" "It's uh... hard to say... we are well... live young... we don't hatch we just come out..." "How will you be protected!?!" "It's hard to explain... I'll explain it... when it's not so awkward... Sorry uh... what about you did you grow up with someone mother like?" She nodded, "Yah I had a great mother is that what you call them... He was ..." "Oh uh... male is father and female is mother..." "Oh... 'father' was a great saurian he is or was... the greatest kind on saurian! He mysteriously vanished when the current tyrant took over... You see because I was still an infant I was unable to take over... the king quickly erased the family tree and anyone who knew was killed... turned out that my father had hidden the information and I'd by my teenage years learned the truth... when I had turned to an adult I staged an uprising and that's when we escaped. For years we lived away from the kingdom and had multiple family's..." "Sorry to interrupt... But out of curiosity how old are you exactly!?" "Uh 200 years old... why would you ask? Aren't you that age to!?" "Ummm. Nooo... I'm only twenty one! We only live to maybe a hundred before we die! If I could live that long I would be a God!" Wow your young! Your not even a infant in our species..." "Well excuse me on our planet I'm old enough to drink..." "Wait you have to age in order to drink! Your species must have adapted to live in deserts... when's the last time you had water?" "What oh... No I mean alcohol... ah never mind... we don't survive off drinks... you see most of earth is water about ninety percent that is... well we can only drink like ten percent of that..." "So you don't live on a desert? That's interesting..." "Yah thanks... I can answer anything you want to know... Just ask really don't be afraid..." She nods, "There's... something that's been bothering me... I don't know how to ask..." "Don't worry I can handle it ask when your ready!" "I'm not good with earth culture but... Uh what do humans like to do... 'Together' alone..?" "WE UH... ERR... Well we uh... I guess start slow then build from there... I uh..." "I'M SORRY I SHOULDN'T HAVE BROUGHT THIS UP!!!" "She'va calm down... I understand and I... really like you... I like you..!" "But your different then me! How can you be sure that you like me!? I mean your a human how could you like a giant reptile like me!?" "She'va come on don't say that! I don't care what you look like or what you are all that matters is that your mine... I don't know what the difference between us is but if you think size is a problem then... man... that didn't come out right... She looked confused... "Sorry human joke..." "Oh..." "What I meant to say was true love doesn't depend on appear it is about not than that. I felt like we were meant to be together the second I met you..." "Me too rex!!!" We fell quiet for a while... She'va walked and well I rode...

By day break we had made it to the cave... I was expecting it to be just big enough to fit three or four Saurians in but yet again I was wrong... imagining this... Take mammoth cave and a human and turn it to a ratio... now times that by saurian where they replace the human... so yah it was big... because my size if I was set on the ground I'd be unable to see the ceiling! She'va made he way to the center of the cave... We easily fit the entire village inside. She'va began to order Saurians around... they managed to set up shop and with in a few hours they had started a fire... For some reason I felt like i had just given a cave man fire... what made me curios was if fore wasn't invented then what allows them to make the soul link device?! Something didn't add up. She'va sat me down near the fire... Then went back to work.. I looked around at the busy Saurians... I felt useless because of my size... I looked at fire... The blaze burned bright orange... it sent warm heat in all directions warming all in the cave. I rubbed my hands they felt icy from being outside. They quickly warmed up.

A few hour passed and all the work had been done... the Saurians had built a suitable shelter made of galvanized stalagimites... Beds were place inside and various family's had their own forts as I called them... She'va finished up... She made her way towards me.
I've done skyrim, far cry, saints row, mass effect, mirror edge, half life, SOCOM, portal 2, pikmon, pokemon, batman, halo, now I have to do minecraft!!

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