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 Post subject: Mass Effect College Life
PostPosted: Sun Nov 03, 2013 1:17 pm 
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Mass Effect OS: College Life (Ten years After The Events Of Mass Effect 3)

I let out a loud yawn as I got up. I peered over at the clock, "Damn I'm late!" I jumped up out of bed nearly tripping over my pile of armor. I grunted as I slammed my foot into the heavy One ton suit. I fell onto my tail as I grabbed my foot. One Of my three talons had chipped. "FUCK!" It sucked being a krogan I was an oversized behemoth that literally is a hazard to myself. I looked up at the mirror, my nude form stood out, I could see my polished bronze colored scaly hide built around my multiple organs that allow us krogans to be almost indestructible, unlike humans I had many differences like three fingered hands and three toes that had long talons much like the human equivalent Of a dinosaur. My head looked like a mix of a triceratops head only a crown shape was at the top that showed off my clan markings, my eyes we're slits and around them we're yellow colored iris. I rubbed my foot. "Ouch that's smart!!" I got up still in pain while trying to control my anger. Being a krogan I was prone to over reacting and to all other aliens they know a happy krogan is a safe krogan. I head down the stairs and entered the kitchen. The house was my adopted parents most of my family was human which would explain the adoption. "Hey sis how you doing!?" She ran up to me and wrapped her arm my waist, "How's my favorite krogan!!!" "Good I guess. I've got College starting today. What about you how you doing you know I won't be here for a long time will you be good on your own taking care of your mom?" She nodded. "Bro I love you!" I carefully picked here up and held her close. I had to be careful as a krogan strength is a major problem not for me but those around me. Humans especially their squishy skin. I always wondered why humans never evolved like the rest Of the citadel. I walked up to the small synthetic table made of a metal plastic mix. The entire house was made Of materials found mostly on the human homeworld back on Tuchunka we never had wood to say which was New to me. I cleared a spot and began to eat some breakfast. I found our family fridge as the humans called it we're almost empty, I'm a voracious eater if you know what that means. I found a package Of fresh fish. I tossed them up into the air and into my mouth swallowing them whole. "GROSS!!! Why do you do that don't you know your suppose to chew food before eating!?!" "Yah but it takes to long.. besides I just feel like it taste better that way.." I looked at the clock on the wall realizing that I was going to be late as was my sister. "Come on we've got to get you to school." "But bro..!" "No buts and don't make me carry you to the car this time." She giggled. I sighed and got up and moved towards sis. I reached down, me standing at seven feet four inches made me three feet taller, I plucked her up off the ground between my arms. carefully I moved towards the garage all while she yelled weeee! The time period is 2207 a few Years after the events that almost destroyed the universe a single man Commander Shepard was responsible for saving this world. Not much is known where he might be most assumed that he left for rannoch where he and his girlfriend Tail vas enema got married. Who I look up to is a krogan Who out Of the blue made price between the krogan and others in the galaxy. Because if him I'm all able to live in the citadel in piece. I grabbed the keys to the sky car an glove shaped vehicle that flew above the city. Everyone had them. I set my sister down in the passenger seat and strapped her down making sure she didn't shift and get hurt. I climbed unto the drivers side and locked my self in. I looked over to my passenger, she gritted her teeth, "Bro you suck at driving!" I looked at her with a weird look, "What do you mean!? I can drive!" "No your a krogan your a crasher not a flyer." "Well I can't argue with that!" I chuckled I started up the engine which began the ships Mass Effect drive. My weight shifted as I lifted up off the ground. I opened the control panel and started towards the zakera ward district where my sis went to middle school. I took off at two hundred miles an hour like a mad man breaking out of the purgatory.

After dropping off my sister It was my turn to go to school. The College was called New Hope university located deep in the semi rich city Of the zekara ward. Night Life clubs casino everything you'd expect in the night Life. As I flew down the road my omni tool popped up a message, "Hello Rath this is Dorm manager we've got a room available to you I'm sending you the location I'll meet you there." I replied okay and turned to the road.

The campus doend we're much less impressive in person not to mention small. I opened the door and stepped into the doorway and immediately got stuck. Behind me the laughs could be heard. "FUCKING DOOR I'M GOING TO DESTROY YOU GODDANN IT!!" Using brute force I jammed my way inside. The door splintering as I barreled through. I left an krogan sized crack in the doorway. Behind me the chuckles subsided they knew not to mess with a krogan. Inside the room there was basically two beds one big enough for two human was probably my bed. Next to mine was another bed this One was owned by someone. I knew it was none Of my business but I wanted to see who I'd be rooming with. I approached the bed and started to smell, because I loved with humans so long it didn't take long before I knew he was human. I felt something ram against my back. it knocked me down. Whatever it was was heavy. A human voice came from behind me, "Hah you though you could break into my room and steal my stuff! we'll you've fucked with the wrong human punk!" I turned around and got a good look at the man who hit me, he was human, compared to the average human he was really athletic makes that would make an average human cringe. His body was covered in various scars and tattoos that must have meant something to the human some kind Of human name maybe. I was still getting used to the human language I used my omni tool for most Of my Alien communications. I looked at him and let out an obnoxious chuckle and while saying, "You human are all so weak thats didn't even hurt!" The human looked at me and me at him. there was tension growing around us. I looked at him, "This room happens to be mine. I am a New student so I'd suggest you stay out Of my way..." This anger made US realize that we we're actually room mates. I called down, "Hey I think we are room mates." "oh" "This is really awkward..." "sorry, my bad" starts picking up wooden shards. I could feel my blood rage building up, I walked over to the wall and started to rapidly strike it relieving my anger. "you know we have to pay for that right?" "FUCK money I'm a krogan! " "and now you are a krogan in debt" "not really, I'm adopted into a rich family" "then why a're you in this academy? why not some prestigious school?" "When have you ever heard of a krogan going to an spoiled rich schools. I'd be the laughing stock of the school. Besides I heard there where some sexy aliens here." "...ok...didn't expect that" "What about you human? Why Are you here?" "to change my Life, simple as that" "Not to be rude by my human language is kind Of bad but what's with the tattoos? They seem gibberish?!" "that is personal, but uh hey is there any female you are interested in?" "Yah One that won't be crushed when we you know... Bang it up... Yuk you humans and your squishy shell how do you even survive?" "...we use our brains you over sized lizard" "Brains don't end fights brute force does. you wanna go!?" I pulled brass knuckles out Of my pocket and punched Rather in the jaw as hard as u could.
I saw this before, "NOW YOU DID IT!!!!" My blood was boiling and I could feel myself looking control. I tackled Rath into the hallway and repeatively punched him in his ribs. I laughed as the blows left blood, I looked at him, my turn, I charged he's neck first grabbing his neck and lifting him up off the ground I slammed his body into the wall then floor. "ahh! you Tucker, that hurt!" Delvin started punching Rath in the eye. I roared ad my vision faltered but that made me not the mad. I grabbed him in both sides and slammed him onto my leg a loud cracking sound was heard. I too felt ny bones aching. Delvin clutched his broken arm "AHHH!" he bent over in pain. I snapped out Of the blood rage not having writ realized my lack Of control. I walked over to him and realized I'd done this. "FUCK man this is the second schools I've done this. Delvin kicked rath I the gut and charged him into.a female.dorm. This caught me off guard I realized the human was mad, I took the hit which knocked me over. I grunted as the battlefield changed. I found the nearest weapons available a metal lamp pole. grabbing it I slammed the human in the jaw as he fell back. his jaw cracked then.Delvin grabbed a strange purple object and ssmacked rath in the face with it. "WHAT THE HE'LL IS THST WHERE ARE WE!?" I realized by the various destruction we'd gotten out of control. There was now a crowd Of females watching. "DUDE YOUR ARMS BROKEN!! "NO FUCKING SHIT! YOU BROKE IT AND..." Delvin realized he was holding a dildo and dropped it. "ugh!" and realized there was a.female. quarian an krogan staring at US. "We should probably go get your arm fixed..." "yeah just um gimme a sec" Delvin fixes his hair a wipes the blood away before saying to the quarian "hello beautiful" I grabbed him by the arm and said, "You should join flight school you'd be the next joker with your New disability." "ahh fine" willingly follows rath out.

We arrived at the Infirmary the doctors we're quick to realize there was a fight. I Sat down on a table and quickly got injections Of tranquilizers my blood rage was calming down. as soon as they touch dskins arm "AHH THAT HURTS!" they inject omnigel into the bone as he let's out helps Of pain. "Stop whining your like a asari weak and painful to listen too grow up pussy!" Delvin flicks rath Of with his good arm "you. and your redundant nervous system can FUCK off. it hurt you too if you had a broken !" "What are we gonna do about our room? It's kinda totaled." "we get a apartment made Of FUCKING carbon fiber!" "Gonna take more that that I might know a place besides I'm rich!" "FUCKING 1%" "Dude your high we've got to get to class.. let's go!!"

It was time for my first class of the school year, anatomy and sex ed. I was not looking forward to this trust me when an human gets an boner they can easily hide it. Those humans sizes are really how to put this without making is feel awkward, SMALL. When an krogan gets one everyone knows it. I groaned as I trudged sown the hallways. Everyone made sure to get out Of my way they. Delvin was still high from endorphins and omni gel, he was placed next to the quarian from earlier while rath was next to a salarian. I grunted as the teacher came in. He was a human, I felt awkward, the salarian was a female and made no attempt to hid her affection towards me. The teachers began to speak, "okay class let get right to it, does anyone know anything about krogan anatomy!?" "I don't!" the quarian hid her face as Delvin raised his broken arm. I looked at him with a grin, "Heh I'm sure you don't.." The teacher looked at me with a stern face, "Okay good so this demonstration should be an success. If you'd like to come to the front rath." I gave him a weird look then mad my way down the rows. At the front Of the room he had me stand up tall. "What are you gonna do!?" I'll show you he pulled up his omni tool showing a holo image Of my body. All the important details. then a holographic image came up revealing his internal.structure. Delvin made a sound like woooooo. "DUDE ITS SO BIIIIG!" I could tell by everyone's face they didn't expect it to be so big. I felt awkward. A few of the girls giggled. The salarian chick looked arrroused as if she like what she saw. Delvin threw his binder at rath "stay away from me while I shower!" "Thanks for the idea... wait that came out wrong.. Hey At least I have a dick" "FUCK you!" Delvin the accidentally touches the quarian in the Boobs "uhh sorry" "Settle down class let's get back to what matters. Because krogan have multiple.. someone interrupts him with, "SEX ORGANS." What hah very funny. "god FUCK this rath go take a seat." "I chuckled and retook my seat. class flew by awkwardly and Delvin became less high. the teacher ga've Delvin and rath a what to do book on mating with other species. we headed on to flight class. Delvin got out and was sent To the nurses office to.sleep while rath was first up in flight simulation

This was the first class

(in gym class)
We walked into the gym and was met with mad eyes. most we're from the females room we destroyed. I looked at delven, "So how's your arm doing nee me to break it again?" "ahh fuck you. it is healong faster thanks to th omnigel." I look away from th stares. I looked around the teacher was late, I had a bad idea and I knew it would be funny. I walked up to the locker room and started to walk into the ladies locker room. "Rath! what are you doing?" "I'm a krogan I can so whatever I FUCKING want!" I felt a weird sensation coming over me and then I suddenly wemy airborne. I was tossed like a rag doll by biotics. I slammed into delven and then ramed a locker. "WOW FUCK THAT HURT!" "told you it was a back idea you fucking rock for brains. ahh!" delvin held his broken arm in pain. "Heh at least I don't have a broken arm. I looked down, my chest was scratched from the metal on the walls. I rubbed the wound as the teacher walked in. He looked at me and gave me a angered look. We approached each other with everyone watching. We both when within ttwenty feet charged and head butted together. "yeah it's cool, me laying here in pain!" The teacher looked at him then pointed at me, You and him obviously don't like each other so that make you the perfect person to run him to the nurses office. I sighed walking up to delven and tossing him over my shoulder. Let's go!" "finally! and you!" I pointed to the female quarian from earlier "please come with US" "before I could say no the salarian girl was beside me I didn't even get to say no. I looked at her she was really attracted to me. I felt myself growing corn below. I knew I couldn't hide it. "Jesus" the quarian followed with a sigh an the salarian was hugging rath. "Hey girl what's your name?" The salarian girl, shuddered, "It's terra..." "you wanna meet sometime outside Of this place?" "go ahead rath" delvin instigated "why not date the race that made the genophage?" I grunted "you did not just go there" "hey don't forget you humans aren't much better you and that quarian suit each other both weak as a vorchas clan." "hmm" delvin looked at the quarian then at rath "you really think so? the together thing, not bring weak as vorcha" delving pulled out his brass knuckles again and slammed them into rath's shoulder with his good arm. The blow knocked me back and left an imprint and a fair good One. I looks at his arm holding the bras knuckles and grabbed it with my strength. I began to bend it to what the humans call breaking point but before I broke it I said, "So you wanna take that back you only have One good arm do you really want to lose it?" "try it roommate, I'd just pull an eye out before you get the chance!" "CUT IT OUT!" the quarian finally spoke, her voice was slightly digital but definitely female. "I'm tired Of this! and I have a name, it's Kasami" she stopped in the middle Of th hallway. I sighed "fine but that human started it. fucks this!" I dropped my grip and started back to my salarian girlfriend. "You wanna go somewhere private?" she nodded then looked at the quarian, "She and delvin must go too.. I..." I nodded, "Only they better not fuck with me do you want yo delvin? "do I look like I.want to? let me down. Kasami Will help me to the nured. go fuck that salarian" I snickered "plan to..." She giggled and we left for the locker room.

Inside the locker room I moved to the center and motioned for the female salarian to follow. I shuddered as she began to almost slow motion dance around me. I could feel myself being aroused. I groaned as my sick began to grow. An giggled and began to approach me. She looked down at me. I grunted and reached out. She grabbed my hand and brought it up to her chest. I felt the scales as she press's my hand against her breast or whatever they were... it's hard to tell between these freaky aliens. She spoke while looking at me, "Let's not wait shall we!" She reached over and began working her magic. She starts to remove my armor epic by price. I on hers. I felt her webbed yet delicate hands working like a spider fast and effective. I started by removing her chest plate not wanting to miss this. Reaching behind he back I popped the metal latch and dropped the plate with a clank. Her chest was covered in gang related tattoos which if you were just meeting her like I was would have caught you off guard. Her green and yellow skin was much more muscular than other salarian I'd seen. Her breast ha no nipples because she was a reptile related species but it still made me hard. She let out a moan as I began to work around. By this time she had gotten a hard hold on my crotch protection as soon as I felt it drop she yelped in surprise, "ITS... ITS SOOO FUCKING BIG!!!" I nodded, I understand if you don't want to go through with this.. I don't want to hurt you... "What are you kidding I love the big ones!!!" I shuddered as she giggled. By now it was my turn like a game of sex dress up I started to remove her booting and gloves. She giggled as she rolled over onto me and placed her webbed feet into my face. Catching me off guard. They had three toes and a thick aquatic webbing between them. They had warn on their soles and by the looks had been a while since cleaned last. "I love it when men bow down before me! Now kneel before me!" This had gone from sexy to weird. I knew I was still aroused, I laid down on my back as she began to use her webbing to rub along my cock. The webbing felt like a leathery bird wing. As the webbing caught certain section I felt a heavy liquid building up. The webbing moved around like a vibrator making me stiffen. She then made a move she brought her head down to my dock which I felt a light tickling feeling. Then a moist and damp feeling and then she began to wrap her tongue around me. The feeling of her teeth sharp yet moving in a almost scissor like motion made me even harder. She moved her head up and down and as she began to build up on saliva I found that I was began to squirt. "UHHH MAAAN... AAAAH!!!" She said, "SHHHH... You won't cum yet I still am warming up!" She move her body onto mine still head to my dick only she was position with her area directly over mine. I peered up at her sexy waist her cloaca was pulsing and a clear white liquid water building up. I could see that her vagina or egg chute I guess you'd call it for salarian, connects to her anus and urethra which was also pulsing. I felt her quickly moan as she rubbed her tongue against my stick. She quickly began to lower her body and I took advantage of this as she got in range I made my assault. I stuck my long tongue up and made contact with the salty pulsing hole. Inside a wild and crazy sensation fills up. She groaned as I began to run my tongue around her cloaca. I felt the long and creamy paste like secretions of her egg chute as she began to orgasm. Almost as weird as it sounded but there was a weird feeling coming over me. I wouldn't be able to identify it but I felt as if I was getting a tad bit high. I knew drell had this condition but this salarian too had this ability. "AHHH YEESS!!!" I groan as she began to increase her momentum, the sheer power she espelled made me horny and hard. I found I couldn't hold it. I began to ejaculate the long running liquid. She made a hashing sound as she choked on the white liquid filled with sperm. Because I was a krogan include have twice as much sex as a normal human or asari. By now I had only used two of testicles and had two more to go. She began to spit the white paste out and grinned with the white paste half spilling from her mouth. "Aaaaaah massage that feeeeeeels spool freeway!!!! Aaaaaah yaaaaaaassss!"

She turns to me and said, "Don't leave me half full I need more your a ducking krogan yet I'm not torn in half get me ducked so hard!!!" "Ohhh heellll yeees!!! I DIDN'T THINK YOU'D LAST THIS LONG SALARIAN!!!" Now it was time for showing the true power of my krogan body. She got up and brought her crotch to my face he cloaca directly in in face. Using my arms I grabbed her thighs and brought it to me. Using the locker room benches I placed her lying down on the bench and placing her cloaca in the wide open position I aligned my 15 inches stick to projectile launching position. I mad the final approach and laying my dock along the groove I carefully pried the vent apart and the tip made its way into the hole like a space shuttle to the space station precise and on target. She let out a moan as she took the beast in. It was quickly Turing to a hard fit. My size was making a quick work on her tight cloaca. Worrying about making her bleed I brought it back out. "COME ON DUDE DON'T FUCKING BACK DOWN!!" I looked at her, it's your funeral at you really okay with this?" She yelled, "DOO IT GODDAMN IT!!!" I nodded and slammed her down her body made a jolt as it mad impact. The only way to get it in is to hit and to hit hard I did. I bolted and in one hard motion the hole split whether it want to or nor. She screamed as the hole began to puss blood. She yelped. I grunted as the blood wrapped around my dick. She yelped as I brought it out. Then once again j haven it in. I could feel the pain as she started to pant. I looked at her she had started to cry. "FUCK I TOLD IT WOULD HURT I'M SORRY!!" I stopped the blood mixed with the white fluid on the ground making a nasty puddle. I groaned as I knew I had really hurt her. "Look I like you and I'd like to.make this work. I know this is probably a first on a krogan and hopefully we might not make it the last maybe we should go see a specialist on this... maybe we can make it safer... She was panting but she nodded. "We should probably get you to the nurse. I'll take th blame for this... I can also... get you a place to stay.. here is the address I'll meet you there tonight we can make a late night round. Now lets go get you patched up.

To those who saw us exiting the locker room most shielded their eyes I wouldn't blame them. To see a krogan nude and covered in cum and blood mixture must have been a sight worth missing. I had nothing to hide I was a krogan for God's sake. I made my way down the hallway trying to avoid any teachers. I had feeling it was too late. On the way I ran into delvin, who threw up after seeing me. "WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?" I yelled trying to avoid the pile of vomit. The salarian was in pain. "You are ducking disgusting! Jesus Christ man!" Delvin shouted back. Hey I told you it'd be rough. What have you done yet!?" "Nothing yet, I'm not some krogan man whore like you!" "HEY SHE WANTED TO GO HARD!" "DELVIN... do you happen to have any krogan armor it's cold in here. " "FUCK no I don't you man whore!" Behind us there came q screaming in the locker room. I made an stupid statement, I wouldn't go in there for a while. It's a real white mess in there!" "No fucking Shit you cum covered reptile. You are a fucking anomalies for a krogan. Least I will use a motherfucking condom for when I have sex" "I tried but they don't make krogan sized condoms you humans and their protect the sex!" "You can get a STD you idiot an never be able to have kids!" "HAH We survived the genophage want makes a STD so harmful!? Besides we orphans can't catch your human stds. DAMN... that last motion left a mark.. I should probably get her to the hospital. You wanna go!?" "FUCK NO!" "Come on well get comfy maybe get some foursome action. I began to stroke my stick as if cocking a pistol. The female quarian game me a weird look." Delvin punches rath in his face "she is mine!" "Ahh you humans and your feelings. Come on decline you wanna fight again, maybe this time you might survive! I set the salarian down and began to crack my knuckles. "You don't want to fight me rath, I will tear a fucking eye out" "I think it's gonna be the other way around puny human!" There had been a group around us but they quickly dispersed and screaming and running seeing what happened last time. As I prepare to throw a punch a anger voice erupted over us and a burst of biotic power separated us. A extremely pissed off tom girl covered in some serious tattoos. She pressed us against the walls of the hallway. "Alright you bitches, detention for you both!" She said with a commanding tone. Delvin was in a daze, like love at first sight which was odd. She dropped rath and he was apprehended by some security guards. Rath got up and headed to detention while delving was tossed towards the infirmary once again. "FUCK DETENTION..." I gripped the guards arms both Turian and tossed them off me. Ons guard reached and pulled out taser. He fired sending a electrical shock that dug rods into my back. The shocks would have stunned a normal human but they didn't expect to work on a krogan. I turned and ripped the rod out blood dripping on the ground. Jack then grabbed rath with biotic power and knocked him out by smashing his head. "Oh Shit" delvin murmers. Delvin slowly gets up and backs towards the nurses office. "Where do you think you are going?" Jack asked. "To the nurse" "hurry then, meet me I detention"

I shook the blood of in the nurses shower. The thick of it was a slimy feeling. I looked around there was nobody who look at me the same way again. I stepped from the shower and and quickly made my way to the salarian girl. The doctor a female human seemed disgusted. I wouldn't blame her. "Will she be okay!?" The doctor nodded, "Damn you two wanna explain what happened!? "Let's just say krogan and salarian don't mix..." She didn't laugh. I looked over delvin was lying on a cot getting his arm fixed. "Fuckin hate you right now rath" I laughed, "join the club!" As I prepared to leave my omni tool began to ring. It was my sister, "Hey sis what's going on!?""Bro you still coming for dinner!?" "Yeah he is" delvin shouted "an he is bringing a guest!" "Damn WAIT nooom!!" But it was too late, she had already set herself see a guest. ",Okay me and my GUEST... Will be there. I hung up. I growled at him. But then gave up. "Come on delven were gonna be late for class..." "fine fine" delvin got up after injecting pain killer the doc gave him and followed a naked rath to tech class. When we got there I got some weird looks. I sat down and began messing with my omni tool. As the geth teacher came in I looked at delvin, "hey delvin I wonder what your girlfriend would do if she knew the geth now teach at the school. The quarian will have some competition!" "Shut up rath, she isn't my girlfriend" delvin pushed rath into the wall and took my seat. I grunted as I got up, "wish I had my armor." The teacher began the basics and I had the worst time because I was krogan as n I was better at braking than creating. Delvin was excelling n the class and mocked rath, of course he followed instructions. "Student Rath" the geth prime teacher said "where are your clothes" "What cloths..? Oh Shit!!!" I uh... the reapors took them... what would you in know about cloths!?" "Irrelavent" the teacher said "detention and get clothes on" I moaned as once again mad my way to jacks office. Meanwhile delving was still laughing.

When rath returned he found delvin flirting with Kasami, he was failling terribly. I approached them and punched delvin in the arm, "hey Kasami I think delvin is trying to say is he would like to invite you to dinner with my family tonight!" Delvin bit his tongue and grabbed his arm to hold in th pain. "Umm ok?" Kasami said nervously. I had achieved a new level of douchism. I now have to find a date. I looked around the collection of species. "Who to pick!?" "How about terra? Oh wait, you murdered her with your dick!" "HEY FUCK YOU!!! At least I have one you... I can't tell if you're an man or a women that things a tick tack! Watch out kasami you mind not find what your looking for!" I watched as delvin left the room in a fury. Kasami looked at me, "What the FUCK is wrong with you!?" I shook my head, "I'm just having an off day... By the way dinner is at six. see you there!" Even as a krogan I still had a heart. I just didn't know how to show it. I walked off. Class even over and I had had enough for One day.

At Raths House
I had decided to invite Natasha to dinner, it had taken some persuasion but She reluctantly agreed. I turned the holo television for my sister. She giggled as I Sat with her. these humans and their addictions to television. I heard a knock on the door. I yelled to come in. It was Delvin. "hey man" he waved awkwardly and kasami stood next to him holding her arm. "Well Delvin welcome to my family dude! Want something to drink!? My hours is your house. Oh and sorry about the arm... it was my my fault!" "yeah it kinda was" takes a sear on the couch with kasami "got any tea?" "What's tea!? No alcohol!? What is wrong with you humans!?!" "I don't feel like it" "I Will have some" kasami says. I nod thinking where my family kept the turian friendly brandy. I walked away leaving delvin, kasami, Natasha and my sis alone. delvin tried talking to his sis while Natasha and kasami had a girl talk. "so how are you and rath related?" She though a few second before answering, "Mommy told me She found him during her and daddy's trip to tuchunka helping to rebuild it... Rather had been abandoned so they took him. Hey delvin did you know Rath is seventy five years old!?!? "nope, that is shocking" "Hey delvin what happen to your arm!?" "rath broke it" "What why would rath do that!? He's as General as a fly!" "well he went crazy and broke it fir no reason" "Well he is a krogan... ask him he is always fine at home.. was he under stress!?" "nope, just a jerk" I walked in holding the drinks, "What's wrong sis you look like you've seen a ghost!" Bro did you break delvins arm!?" I sighed, "Look delvin I am sorry I have a problem you humans when you have issues you have people to talk to... I grew up in a human family I never learned to control my rage..." "bull, shit, you did learn. you just stopped worrying since you moved out" ""It's not that I am in control I am... on tranquilizers... a few years ago in early strangled my sister to death in order to keep me I was put on tranquilizers they calmed me down... the problem they are illegal on the citadel... I can't use it outside my house. " "grow another pair Of ball you pussy" Kasami slapped delving night back of the head. I nodded, I handed kasami the tourism brandy then took a seat next to to my sister. "So what do you guys want today!? Pizza!?" "oh God no!" "Well anyone have a preference!?" "how about we go out to eat instead." "Okay that works I'll drive! Come sis let's go get some dinner!" We got in the car and started out. I decided to let delvin drive kasami sat up front with delvin my sister with me in the back. I looked out the window, I wondered how Shepard krogan got over the blood rage. I wondered if it was like puberty for humans? I looked down at my body was molting or something. I wondered how long it would last being angry was no me. I felt bad for doing that to delvin, I just hoped he would one day be my friend. delvin stopped. at.some fancy place that was just built, delvin helped kasami out. I looked at the restruant, "Dude I love this place, I know the owner! I'll see if o can get us a private table." "yeah you do that he helped raths sis out and headed towards the door trying to hold kasamis hand.
I made my way inside and was greeted with a group reporters. They we're focused on someone so I easily slipped past. I entered the office to find my dads old friend the owner. "It's been a while. I nodded, "I haven't seen you in years how you've Bern!?" "great hey cab you get me and my friends a table!? I owe them that. he nodded I can do that let's see.... back at the door delvin and kasami had time to talk.

I hand picked out the perfect apartment and because money was not a problem I got the entire package. The apartment was three floors and had everything, A hot tube, five rooms, a giant kitchen, a workout room, three bathrooms, a bar/ lounge area, a queen bedroom that I fought to take and won, there was a pool table, four holo televisions and a game room with a pool table, a card table, gaming station, an many other things that a apartment usually doesn't have. I was the first to arrive and decided to take a tour. I had a lot to think about. I opened the door and walked through. I looked around from the door the hallway was lined with two large fish tanks filed with rare fish not found on the citadel or earth. The fish tank opened up to main room where in the front was the square bar room and to the left the kitchen and the right the living room. I decided to check the kitchen out. I turned the corner and stepped in. The room was large and modern. Starting from the wall facing the bar was a L shaped layout of counter tops and cabinets above it. They we're made of a interesting white and red wood I assumed was redwood. They
I've done skyrim, far cry, saints row, mass effect, mirror edge, half life, SOCOM, portal 2, pikmon, pokemon, batman, halo, now I have to do minecraft!!

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