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PostPosted: Sat May 04, 2013 9:17 pm 
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Book One: Karma Is A Bitch

I had one fucking headache... I moaned as I sat up... Half expecting my body to be covered in scales or fur I didn't feel like opening my eyes... Damn this was a weird week. One second I was playing games then I wind up fighting my way through the streets of steel port in saints row as a over size furry.. My name was Neil but now it's sparky.. I've almost had sex but got soooooo fucking close... I reached down looking for my tail.... I realized it was gone... I hesitantly I reached down and felt my body... I was human again... I opened my eyes realizing I was back in my own realm... I looked up, my old home in oldham county was there laying in ruins... It looked like a fire had pretty much whipped the house out. I felt like I should be sad but the feeling was short lived. I felt a nagging feeling in my chest... I looked down I was covered in my old clothing... A Mass Effect 2200 was on my chest, my hair was in a large Afro as well as my chest was filled with small muscles I wasn't fat but not skinny... I was a slight underweight but at least my body makes up for it. I reached down and pulled out my cell phone... It was still in my pocket like I had never entered the game! Suddenly I realized that Tali wasn't around!!! I got up and began panicking... She had been right behind me... I looked down... Why hasn't she come with me... She was human wasn't she!?!? I felt my phone in my pocket begin to vibrate... I looked down an incoming message from an unknown number was in. I hit talk and as I did a voice appeared. "Sparky is that you!?!?" I yelled back into the phone, "Tali what's going on where are you why didn't you leave with me?!?" "Sparky I haven't been honest with you, look I made up this me being human... I wanted you to like me... Look I'm not human at all... I'm from another planet... I only posed as that so you'd like me... I'm not even on earth.... If you want to know where I'm from I can tell you... But for once in my life I've felt no one to love but you... You showed me other wise... We may live a thousand light years away but that doesn't mean I won't love you..." "Tali what are you talking about I love you... It doesn't matter if your human or not I'm bound to love you... I will never love again until your in my heart... Look I may live on earth doesn't mean that I can't love what ever you are... I wish I could meet you in person and see who you really are no doubt you'd like the same thing..." "You've read my mind..." "But how exactly can we do this!?" "On our planet we have tech that allows us to warp to other planets in our galaxy but if I could get you to build a portal on your side we might just be able to connect the two and meet..." "What do I need to build this portal..?!" "I'll tell you it's much easier than you'd think..."

It took a few days before I had all the items at my disposal... I began to construct the device... I made sure that I had built it miles from civilation but to do that I had to go to somewhere vacant and the closest place was Texas meaning I would have a few days to drive... So I got to work... In a week I would bring her here....

Chapter One:
It was time I looked at the portal I'd built... It laid flat on the ground and was three hundred feet wide and five hundred feet long... The portal was made entirely out of carbon fiberglass sheeting that was coated in dark matter gasoline... I'd had a hard time acquiring but it was 2045 nothing was impossible! I began the final phase I pulled out a lighter and light a corner of the sheeting and the dark matter light ablaze... I stood back as the sheriff began to drop into the ground and seemed almost to bend light waves... I pulled out my phone and called the mysterious number who claimed to be Tali, "Tali I'm ready on this side..." "Okay good I'm coming through let me just get ready." "Tali can I ask you a question!?" "Sure sparky, what is it?!" "Why is it that this device had to be built so big?" "What do you mean isn't it normal sized to you?" "Ah never mind ill have dinner planned out when you arrive..." "Yah see you soon!!"

A hour passed when I felt something weird... The entire ground began to shake.... I though it was an earthquake but it was so heavy that I though a bomb might have gone off. I shook my head trying to calm my nerves. A second later yet another earthquake took place... Then came a loud rumbling sound but the sound was not from this planet. I looked at the portal... It had began to glow a bright red beam that went high into space... It shocked me and caught me off guard... I wrapped my arms over my eyes shielding them from the blinding light... As with the light came a loud sound that compute blew me over... The sound so high pitched I blacked out after a microsecond of it...

Chapter Two: First Contact
I felt a throbbing headache in my brain as I began to sit up... I had blacked out from some kind of weird sound... As my color began to return and my vision restored the sight of something massive filled my vision... Due to the darkeness of night only the sihhuellet was visible... A clearly reptilian shape was evident a spinosaurus shape with a long sail and a trex shaped head... It looked to be five hundred feet tall. I shook my head was I imagioning things?! It looked around as if searching for something. I wondered if that was Tali?" It probably didn't expect me to be this... Small..." I yelled at the top of my lungs, "TALI DOWN HERE IT'S ME!!!" As soon as I did I regretted it... The sound had echoed off the surrounding area making it amplified. The giant saurian turned and looked in my direction... It had a confused look... I stood frozen in fear... What the fuck was I to do?! Would she even be able to under stand me?! The giant reptile began towards me with each foot step came a earthquake forced quake... Her feet were the size of five or six of me... It felt like the earth was being shaken... I fell down in fear...

She stopped over me exposing her slotted vagina... I looked up and imediantly felt a boner in my pants... Even though it was interal it still was like a dream pussy one you'd imagion from a fantasy both big enough to fit in but one that was well the queen of all pussy... She had a queer look on her face... "What I have a fetish remember..." She laughed which sent a vibrating wave shaking the ground. "Your still my bitch you know that sparky!!!" "I feel like I'd be stealing this from avatar but... "I see you..." "We'll I see you too..." We sat there looking at each other for what seemed like a hour before I felt a nagging feeling in my gut... "Uh mm... So what do you want to do?" I looked around the sun was setting... "There is no way ill be able to stay on your planet the whole idea of everything being smaller doesn't work for me..." She looked down at me then a Smug smile went across her face... "Oh god what are you going to do?!?" Before I could react she reached down with her four fingered hand and with little problem plucked me up... "FUUUUCK TALLLLI WHHAT THE HEEEEEEELLLLL ARE YOOOOOOU DOING STOOOOOP!!!" She launched me into the air... The sight of her was scary enough now as it went by in a flash I felt small and helpless. As I went high below Tali opened her large maw filled with razor sharp and killer teeth... I panicked as I raced do wards towards the empending doom!!! "DOOOONT FUUUUUCKING EAT ME I TASTE LIKE SHIIIT!!! NOOOO!TALI PLEASE NOOOOOOOO!!!" She caught me in her mouth as I plopped down onto her tongue... The squashy yet moist feeling was pleasant and scary at the same time... Surrounded by teeth like peaks on a mountain I had no where to go... I cowered into myself trying to hide my fear. I looked back... The darkness of her throat was illuminated by the sight of a triangular throat that with every breath opened and clothed revealing a deep and fleshy throat... Like a tunnel at the back of a cave I found it scary as fuck. "We'll if your gonna eat me at least take a breath mint... Sheesh!!!" She began to chuck as she did her throat expanded revealing a wave along her tongue that rippled.... "We'll aren't you gonna swallow me I mean after all we've been through your just gonna end it now?! I mean we went through things I'd never though I'd go through... We shared some great times..." "Your right... I couldn't do it..." "Uhhh.... Tali... Could you... Uhh.. Please... GEEEET MEEEE OUT OF HEEEERE PLEEEASE!!!!" She held her hand out and carefully spit me out quickly covering me in a white colored Saliva... It smelled like fish but like it had been left over for a month... I looked down... "Man talk about inappropriate use of literature... My boner was still there like I had been arroused by this... "Damn I have a fucked up mind... I began to shake the gunk off... "So Tali what do we do now?! You've seen my home now... What?!" She pondered over the question in a flash she had it, "You wanna come back to my place?! I've got tons of room!! You'd be like a pet or something!!!" "FUUUCK just what I needed... Of all the things I've done being a pet would be... Well... It couldn't be worse than the time I was raped... Scratch that its fine I'd be happy..." "Sure lets do it I'd love to see where you live..." "Great lets go!!!" She began back for the portal... Me still in her hand I felt like a mini action figure in the sense that I was completely at her will if she wanted me for something there was not much I could do to stop here... Lets just hope this shit dose by get all kinky and end up with me sucking her toe or some weird ass shit with me playing the maid and well you'd be able to guess the rest... One thing on the other hand I'd be willing to do is the lusty argonian but I bet there is some real limits on side differences... If you know what I mean... I felt the pull of the portal as the time and space was shifted and we were teleported a trillion million miles across the galaxy in a matter of seconds. I closed my eyes through most of it... What have I gotten myself into I muttered as the pressure blacked me out...

"Sparky do you ever get tired of blacking out I man it's all you ever do!" I Moaned as I got up... I had to admit being human I was weak but being those other creatures at least i didn't black out as much... I opened my eyes and began to take in what I could but it was a fucking lot... "Have you ever been to Lego and realized that your the largest thing there or watched Godzilla... Well this planet has the inhabitants being godzillas and us humans well were none exhisting but we appear to have never grown to their... Standards... I felt like a Lego man in a world of giant lizards... Other than the obvious fact I wasn't on earth it looked so much similar... Trees were scaled to the godzillas size... As was pretty much everything else. I stood awestruck... "So sparky what do you think of Draconium?" "It's ducking amazing?!?! "Here I'll show you my home... "Knowing this was a alien planet I didn't know what to expect... She bagan walking towards a large cave structure that looked to be hundreds to a thousand years old. It looked to have maybe at one time been home a ancient race of godzillians... She entered in and the ancient feeling vanished as state of the art tech of scales and other builds never imagine... Stuff that made too scientist back on earth look like primaries species... For a reptile living in a cave with no clothing and a television rep as a lizard that terrorized cities like Japan or New York they were fucking smart as shit... She walked over to a metal desk and set me down... I hopped off onto the table... I handy been able to get a look at her but she was for sure alien.... Her body was covered head to toe in scales of a dark black color and in certain vaginal areas tha scales were tattooed with SPARKY on them... I gave her a queer what the fuck look.. I realized that she was either seriously in love with me or was stalking me... On her computer screen was a picture of me as a wolf... Next to that was a image of me as the argonian next to it said, DAT ASS FUCKED IN SKYRIMJOB..." "She shrugged, "what I liked to remember you... " I felt a sudden urge as the immediate threat was over I had a sudden urge to piss... "FUCK!!! Uhh... Where do you find a place to you know... Piss?!" "Why?! It's over there it's more of a pit but you can use it... What's mine is yours and yours is mine... "Thanks I've had to go for a while now...

She set me down on the ground and I walked past her... The pit to me looked like a ten mile away walk to her probably look more like ten feet... I began towards it... The closer I got the more it began to grow... When I arrived the sheer height was massive... Behold into the cave floor it looked like it was the size of a house... I began to climb up... The smell immediately filled my nostrils as if it hasn't been cleaned in years... I got to the top and peered in... A deep abyss appeared as the hole went deep into a cave in the floor probably another part of the cave... I could smell of for sure.. I began to pull the zipper on my jeans down lowering my dick towards the gaping hole... I relaxed and released a steady flow of piss.... The seat was slopped slightly to help probably Tali since her tail was always gonna be a problem... I finished up and turned around... Feeling for the handle I suddenly lost grip... "FUUUCK NOOOO!!!" I felt the ground disspearse beneath me... As I plummeted the smell of fecal matter became stronger before I slammed into it.. I plopped down Into the slimy mess... I began to sink in.. What ever she ate was clearly evident... I felt around trying to find me way out... The walls were coated so thick in shit that there was not way I'd be able to get out... The feeling was fuck I'm gonna die in a alien toilet.. I slumped down feeling the creamy yet gooey almost Carmel like pudding running along my arms... If it wasn't for the smell I'd be like lying in a bath of creamy pudding. I gagged as the smell became stronger... Above the sound of footsteps were approaching... I looked up, "Sparky where did you go?!?! If your done I've got to go... Hello?!?" "SHIIIIT NOOO GODDAAAAAMN IT WHYYYY?!?!" I looked up as she began to sit down... The sight of her cloaca beginning to pry apart made my penis hard... Wow talk about a weird day... The sound of grunting came as the hole began to split revealing a small fleshy anus and a small vagina... With each Second it grew... I felt cum pouring from my dick... As it expanded the vagina began to squirt a yellow bile fluid out that flashed against me... I forced myself to shut my mouth but the constant pressure forced me to gag and piss entered my mouth... Tasting like a liquid onion mixed with a lemon and some alcohol... It soon caused me to gaged.... I realized I was in a bad area... I jumped to my feet but was quickly flushed down by piss... It finally came to a stop after what seemed like hours... I gagged trying to get up but I was too late... Above the bowels of Tali where beginning to empty... "FUUUCK noooooo!!!
I've done skyrim, far cry, saints row, mass effect, mirror edge, half life, SOCOM, portal 2, pikmon, pokemon, batman, halo, now I have to do minecraft!!

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