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 Post subject: Mass Effect 2 and amirror Edge Crossover the Vore Chronicals
PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:39 pm 
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Liara's Vore!

Chapter One:
Mordin solus, "Neil glad you could go on board.... So ive managed to cure  you of your DNA Crysis from your dads DNA but in doing so I unleashed a deadly new strand of a genofage known as the genoplague... The entire crew has been infected each species..." "Wait mordin let me get this staight the entire crew is infected including you?!" "Exactly!" "But I though that the genofage could only affect krogan..." "Well while curing you I kind of dropped each aliens DNA flakes into the incorrect tray leading to alien virus mutation... Luckily I have a way of curing them but it will not be pretty... The DNA you have somehow has been made into a cure so the hard part... The only way to get the cure into the species body is by... Being swallowed by the virus..." "Wait how the fuck do I do that...?" "That's the queer part your gonna have to go inside each individual species and inject the cure in the virus cereberal cortex." "Well it could be worse I guess..." "Yah you could have been infected..." "Okay who do I go into first?!" "That's your choice.... I suggest me but heck you'd have to watch out... Salarians have insainly fast immune system..." "I guess... What alien has the slowest...?" "Id say Elcor or quaren... Tali has not been infected due to her suit so that's out of the question." "Humans?!" "I doubt your dad would let himself eat you..." "Then legion?!" "Neil he is a robot..." "Shit, he is?!" "Look that leaves grunt, thane, that promethean, Liara, and Garrus..." "Heck I'd go into Liara anytime..." 

Just as I said that Liara walked in and said, I heard that Neil... Very sweet though!" "But that is weird... I don't think I can swallow him..." "Luckily we have a shrink ray type tool that I shall implant in Neil's omnitool." "So fucking cool!" After a few minutes the tool was inserted... I quickly tested it out...

The whole process caused me to black out... When I woke up I found myself staring into liaras eyes... She must have been the size of the empire state building! "Hey Neil!!! It worked!!!" Her voice echoed around me... Before I could do anything she grabbed me by the waist... "So mordin what do I do just eat him?!" "Correct..." "Cool I always wonderd what humans tasted like!" "Great just what I wanted to be swallowed by a alien!" She lifted me up and opened her mouth and dropped me screaming onto her tongue... "HOLY FUCK!!" "Liara cut that out! We still have to put his suit on or he will die!" "I wasn't really going to swallow him yet!"

She spit me out onto the table... "Damn it WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! FUUUUUCK!!" "I was just kidding come on do you really think I would do that?!" "Yah I knew you wouldn't but you did give me quiet a scare!" Mordin interrupted by handing me a large but skin tight suit... "What the am I going to do with this it is too thin to withstand the stomach acid... "Hello it is made of element Z the strongest metal in the world and not only bullet proof but is able to withstand anything... Here put it on!"

I put it on and it was literally half a inch of armor... "How the hell did I get into this?!" Shepard came in and interrupted us, "Aaaaaachooo, shit this plague is the worst...... What the hell is going on here?!" "Uh commander we were just about to commense treatment on Liara... Neil volunteered to do this mission." "Yes I did... Wait did I?!" "Of course you did Neil... Come on let's get going or we won't get cured!" "okay let's do this I muttered."

In a matter if seconds mordin had me lying on the table and then hit me with ray and I was back to being small... They waited till I woke up before they told me what to do. "Okay you will need to travel through Liara's body and into her stomach where you should find one of those large bug like viruses just be careful there is usually only one in the stomach of you kill it you will have to travel in deeper in order to get another..." Liara muttered, "Hell no! You better not go in deeper or I will personally kill you..." "Liara I can hear you!" "Yah that's the point! Can I eat him or not?!" "Sure you can..." "Just don't enjoy!" I muttered...

Liara reached down and grabbed me in her clenches. "Uh can we try some other way?!" "Damn it Neil just go with it!" She dropped down on her blue tongue... Shit I muttered so this is what chickens feel like... She closed her mouth leaving complete darkness. "How the hell am I going to fight when I can't fucking see anything!?" "Well use your night vision damn it!" I flicked the night vision visior down... Reveiling a dark dank maw... She was the same as she was on the outside... Blue... There was only one way to go and that was down!

I slide down the throat on my back still wearing the gear... "Your enjoying this aren't you Liara!?" "Well you did taste good!" the long tube came to a stop in the stomach.. Acid went in all directions... I looked up to see the way I came in close... Shit... Where the hell is this virus!? I did a three sixty look around... Nothing. The air was beginning to thin... "Hey mordin where will the air come from?! I can't breath!" "That part is the part I kind of forgot... You should have enough air if you uh... Get it from the blood stream... Other than that I hope you can hold your breath... And another thing the suit may withstand these acids but forever... I added a condition gauge to your suits built in omni tool... Use it the more prolonged exposers reseults in death... Also I believe that your body will be able to provide air due to the new ability..." "What new ability?!" "I may have injected you with some element zero when you fell unconscious... Look no time to fight get going! I'll work on a way to get you out..." "WHAT DO YOU MEAN WORK ON!!! I THOUGHT YOU HAVE A FUCKING PLAN!!! GODDAMN IT MORDIN!"

I pulled out the omni gauge... All seemed good but there was a slight damage to the foot portion... I needed to get to solid ground and soon... I climbed up onto the blue stomach lining.. Fuck this! The stomach was beginning to fill with acid... That's not good... There was no fucking way I would get digested! "I sense the only way I can get out of here is... Down... Fuck!" I needed to find the flesh tunnel that went from the stomach and into the intestines... Let's just hope the virus is there... I jumped into the steaming gastric acid only to find it was waist high... I ran to the stomach wall and slammed my fist into the wall... "Hey Neil cut that shit out!!" "Sorry if I had a map it would be easier!" I ran my arm around the wall till I located a weakened spot... This better work! I pried it open and was able to slip through it.

I fell for a few feet into the intestines... "Hey Neil were the hell are you?!" "Let's just say I'm in the lower portion... Fuck that was a crappy joke! Oh never mind! I'll put a end to this joke!" "Very funny... Damn it I'm gonna kill you!" "Don't worry it wont be long! It's not that bad in here!" I continued down the long tunnel... The bug virus has to be here somewhere! It's not like it could be invisible!

After a couple of minutes of endless flesh I felt a large claw slice into my suit. "What the hell!! I turned around to be facing a giant bug... "Mordin I think I found it!!" "God how the hell do I get it out of here?!" "The way you came I guess... Maybe the other way...?" "NO FUCKING WAY!!!" "okay Liara got any better ideas?!" "Working on it..." "Look we may have no other way... Besides its a one way trip... I don't think it is possible to go out through the stomach because the stomach is well... Ruined..." "Damn it how?!" "That freaking but creature did it..." "Well I'll find a way to get you through the maze just don't touch the large anmenia thingies... They are acid I dissed and will... Digest you..." "Fuck now you tell me!" 

I ran and jumped onto the giant bug only to be thrown onto one of the giant wands... I felt it dig into my back... "Heeeelp!!" I coughed up blood... "I don't wanna die!!" I felt like I was going to black out... But then I felt something grab me by the neck... I struggle in the grip and found that the bug creature had come for a second shot... "God if I'm gonna die I don't know which is worse being eaten by a giant bug or being digested... Wait I've already been eaten! 

"Look I wanna get out of here as much as you do but fighting me is not the way to go!" "What the fuck you talk?!" Sure enough the giant but was talking! He placed me on his back... "How the hell did one of the humans get into a Asari?!" "I was asking you the same thing?! Bug thingy!?" "I'm a rachnid!" "Wait I thought Shepard made you extinct!? "Well true but a few if excaped but some evil mastermind cerberous guy turned us into micro sized viruses..." "But why would you help us?! You don't remember?!" "Remember what?!" "Shepard spared our queen! So I'll save your life! This May seem weird but I am going to eat you..." "Wow you gotta be joking me!!" "It's the only way to keep you from being digested! So... Don't move!" With that he swallowed me up. "How is this any better I muttered trying not to swallow any digestive juices... "Well... At least you won't be digested... Mine are weaker than the other rachni!" 

We were back in the stomach now and the acids had covered the entire stomach... "So how do we get the fuck out of here?!" "I thought you knew human!?" "All I Remember was a large throat tube up in the top... Only I dont know exactly! " "Figure it out I hate to tell you but we won't live forever!" "Why?!" "I'm being digested as we speak!" "What the hell I thought you wee immune?!" "Well when they sent me into Liara they thought the acids in her stomach would kill me and the other rachni in the ret of your crew but we all took cover in the intestines to stay out of the acids..." "GREAT!!" I then had a idea..!" "Liara I need you to eat something!" "God you know how I make things awkward Neil!" "No really I'm gonna die if you don't!" Fine I will!" "Who was that human!?" "That's was Liara!" "you mean the blue gal who swallowed me?!" "You'll have some explaining to do later!"

"A few seconds later and the food came in... "really Liara soda?!" "what?! I was thirsty!" "Okay go bug creature!!!" He gripped onto the stomach lining and quickly crawled out of Liaras throat and then Liara spit us out. Still covered in stomach acid... "Mordin make us big again!!" "Rodger that!" 

the rachni Spit me out onto the floor... The clothing I had been wearing was gone... "Sorry about your clothing they were good though!" "It's okay but thanks for saving me!" "Don't mention it!!!" Okay one species down a lot more to go!"
I've done skyrim, far cry, saints row, mass effect, mirror edge, half life, SOCOM, portal 2, pikmon, pokemon, batman, halo, now I have to do minecraft!!

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