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 Post subject: Transformers the Untold stories...(contains watersports)
PostPosted: Fri Apr 27, 2012 4:21 pm 
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Chapter 1: Week 1

Day 1: Hell's Wheels Workshop and Auto Garage
I looked out the headquarters giant glass windows. Snow and definitely a blizzard. The one bloody fucking day I planned to go out and take my car for a ride. I could at least go and check the cars features... I never get tired of just observing the car. I got up out of the chair and raced over to the garage door and pried it open... In this time on earth the entire world is in hell... all power has been long gone... and with being alive... Let’s just say... I'm really lonely... there has been no human sighting other than me for as far as I’ve been. I entered into the room... the concrete walls prevented the harsh winds from getting in. There in the middle was my beauty... a Nissan GT-R Supernova... a completely new concept that I rather... found... the car is more than just a car... I approached the car and rolled out my hands and ran my fingers along the carbon fiber skin... Feeling every nook and cranny and the rough texture. I walked around the car and felt the handle... I pulled it and the doors swung up like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. The car was more than a car in many ways... it was like it had a mind of its own... one day I just found it stuck in a ditch... I managed to push it all the way home... which was several miles away. Then I haven't been able to use it... I had no fuel...or in reality.... it had no fuel tank... weird as it was I found no trace of fuel in it. I gave up on trying to get it to work until now... after a few years... found it when I was ten and twenty years later I found a piece of weird blue fuel with the same symbol as on the cars fuel gauge... I just needed to... inject it into the engine through this weird valve.

I walked to the front of the car and I opened the hood... just as I thought a valve was present. I reached down and took the veil out of my small day pack... I took the veil and cracked the seal... the blue gel poured out and as if a honey like texture. Into the valve... As the last of the gel went in and disappeared the engine roared to life. “Now we are talking” I yelled I opened the door and climbed in. I touched the wheel and the carbon fiber seat. I found the cars gear shift in a weird spot... on the steering wheel. I flicked it into drive and Revved the engine... then I opened the window... “Voice command... Open...” As I said it the large iron doors swung up... I hit the gas pedal and the Nissan Sped out at seventy miles an hour. I felt so alive... I hit the pedal harder and the car leaped past sixth gear... at two hundred... And when I was about to hit the brakes something queer happened... the car shut off... and then a feminine voice came out of practically nowhere. “You've had your fun kid but now it’s my turn!” I was freaked out at first then I realized that it was the car. “What are you?” “I’m a... I'll show you... She came to a sudden stop and if I hadn't put the seat belt straps would have been windshield cannoned. “HEY KID TIME TO GET THE FUCK OUT!!!” I wasn’t going to disagree with a talking car. I ripped the buckles off and darted out the car and ran for a few minutes before stopping to catch a breath... Then from a distance the car, well how do I put this... it transformed... as weird as it sounds it did... its whole entire car was rebuilding itself into something else... after a split second it started to take shape... a fifty foot tall robot... whether it was friendly I could not tell... but from the view it was definitely not manmade., and out of this world. I was now freaking out... my heart was racing... and from the robots look... it knew exactly where I was... it started to as if floating barreled at my location. “Heh this is fun human! You are fun to chase.” I had other ideas... maybe if I just give up it will be quick and painless. I walked out in the open and gave myself up... how bad could it be... I heard the robot come to a stop... “So human... do you have somewhere I can... talk to you... a leader or something...” “No... I’m the last of my kind...” “Well I guess I’m going to have to deal with you... let’s go somewhere quieter. Hop in I’ll give you a ride...” I was truly puzzled... why chase me then offer me a ride... it was like she was testing me. “If I refuse?” I’ll kill you.” “Good enough.” I watched as she transformed back into the Nissan GT-R. I climbed into the driver's seat and pulled the seat belt on. Then like that she handed the controls over to me... it was rather queer to control someone or whatever she knew she has free will. I drove her back to the garage. And with that exited the cockpit. She transformed and touched the ceiling... luckily the room was tall. “Okay human... whats your name?” “Neil... Neil Schweinhart... Why?” I'm only going to tell you this once... What level tech is available on this planet?” “I believe level... 2 why?” “Fuck!! I need level ten techs to get off this god forsaken planet.” “I believe there is a possible lab in Russia that has the kind of tech your thinking of... but it is maybe ten thousand miles away... plus no other part of this planet has any fuel or power so the possibility to fly there is out of the way... also the only way we can even think of going is by nuclear powered ships... The only one left is in Panama City harbor... It was long used as a refuge by the President and was left there as a memorial... it runs off something called Energon...” “Energon... did I hear you right!?” “Yah... it’s the highest grade fuel out there... Only a few select countries have access to this tech... Luckily in the America all vehicles run off Energon... I think I have some in the gas pump outside the auto shop... why is it... alien?” “Human... We survive off it... and that injection you gave me will only last... twenty four hours... I need a ten kiloliter of this stuff to last for a couple years... how much is in these pumps?” “Probably... a couple thousand kiloliters of it... Enough to power all the cars in Alaska... I may have used a liter but none as much as that. Here I'll show you where it is.” I led her back out into the icy wind... not before putting on an oxygen mask and heat suit... the weather up here gets down to negative one hundred from the new ice age that wiped out most of the humans and air. We can still breathe but it is limited in storms. I pointed at the large pump... it was connected to a giant truck... “That truck is filled entirely of Energon.” “No fucking way!” She thundered over to it and as if by some super strength picked the entire trailer up and cracked a hole in the metal and gulped down the entire contents of the truck... All I could do was be mixed in emotions... either be extremely scared that this robot could possible at me or kill in some queer way or interested about I now found another life form. When she finished a giant glob of Energon splashed its way to the ground burning a hole in the ground. She looked at me with a hungered glare. I whimpered inside. Then she barreled over to me and knelt down to my size... Is there any more of this stuff around here? No but I believe there may be another Energon ship at the anchorage docks... they are a few miles away but I can surely get you there if you promise to take me with you... I can drive a boat! I can get you safely to Russia... I believe there is a possible chance a project was being made for an Energon ship... it is possible that I may know how to fly it...” “Close enough you'll come with me... let’s go! But I'm going to drive!” “That fine.” I lifted the door and climbed in... This time I sat in the passenger seat. Then she hit the road... I had only thing running through my mind... what the fuck is I doing? The day was coming to a close and the morning was approaching for tomorrow... I was prepared to sleep but the robot wouldn't stop talking... from what she said I was the only human she ever saw... apparently she had been stuck in stasis from Energon depletion so that being said... I found her. Eventually she went silent... With that I fell asleep.

Day 2: Anchorage Harbors...

I woke with a slam onto the front seat... carbon fiber was definitely not soft. I rose up off the seat and realized we were at the harbor... “Hey... robot... where are we?” There was no response... so I got out and kicked the front bumper... this even dentally woke her up... she transformed and jerked me off my feet and into the air by the pack on my back. “Don't ever do that again or I will personally kill you.” “Sorry... you fell asleep.” She set me down and asked in a bitter tone, “Which ship is it?” I looked among the rows of ships till I located the ship... it was mile long Energon tanker ship... abandoned and still working it was left in harbor. “Okay Mr. Kicky I’ll let you drive... how do we get in?” “..........” “You don't have a fucking clue do you?” I nodded... she reached down and once again grabbed me... this time around the waist... she carried me to the ship and then with her wench and pulled herself aboard. On the ship she made herself a place to stay till we arrived there... the ships hollow chambers were perfect for her to stay... me I made my way to the ships cockpit and got to work setting the ships autopilot to Russia's main port... it would take a full two weeks to get there and then a third to find the correct place... the harbors where closed most of the time due to the storms up there so due to the fact that no one was alive and working on the ports they were probably shut off and never opened or they were littered with ruined ships. So it will be a while... As soon as I set the coordinates I decided to join the robot in the lower decks... supposedly there was a few things that needed to be done to get the ride to move more efficiently... the engine needs a quick repair but the autopilot won’t work until this is taken care of... safety precaution...

Lower Decks: Engine Room 1
I entered into the room and soon realized why it was malfunctioning... it was covered in rust and grime... I had no freaking idea how to fix rust... then from out of the dark a set of glowing red eyes appeared and seemed to follow me. I was beginning to think I was hallucinating. Then it suddenly said, “BOOOOOOO!” I fell back and banged my head on the pipe above my head... I blacked out of a fraction of a second. The thing laughed then came into sight... it was the robot chick... “HaH you should have seen the look on your face human!! BWAAAAAH HAAH!!!” “Come on.... I almost forgot... whats your name?” “BLACKDEVEL!” Why!?” “I forgot to ask... but we have a problem... this ships a dinosaur... the tech is okay but these engines are in... Shitty shape. I’ve seen better ships but this one is the only thing we've got...” “No problem Human I had the spare Energon to get it back up and running...she pulled a small blue box... she squashed its contents on the rust and then it just disappeared... the engine roared to life like it was brand new. That when the lights came on and the electronic doors slammed shut... trapping me in here with the giant robot. “The ship will drive it but until we arrive and the ship shuts down we're are stuck here the doors are unbundling able.”

I sat down on the giant metal grated flooring. I found it boring so I decided to take a walk. The entire ship’s cargo bay was massive it went up a couple hundred feet. All full of Energon. I found a room that was a security checkpoint of some kind either that or an arms room... definably a weapons volt... I fell asleep.... pretty much ending the day.

Day Three: The Robot Bladder Issue...........
I woke up with the feeling that someone was watching me... and I was right.... the robot BLACKDEVEL was watching me intently... “What?” “How do I put this in your terms.... remember all that Energon I drank... well I think it’s spent....“ “Your point is.....?” Then it hit me... “How much did you drink exactly??!” “Well I felt thirsty so... I drank another fifty kiloliters to keep me energized... and this caused me to prepare to empty the bad Energon.... the only problem is....... the ship's cargo hold is probably going to... uh.... fill up.... so you'll.... drown....” “You’ve got to be fucking joking me....” “I... grunt... Can't hold.... it... get out.... I hadn’t enough time to realize what as she meant before her giant cap burst off and disappeared and the once blue gel has now turned a yellowish color... and yes... it smelled like urine...” it was slowly filling the floor boards... I ran and slipped landing face first into the liquid... Just how I hoped I would die in alien urine.... God why the fuck did do this job!?!?!?!

Slowly the urine had started it fill in the bottom floor... I took a quick jump and ran up to the second floor. It was getting much darker now... I found an emergency hatchet in the wall and hacked vigorously at the door but the Axe just splintered... I looked down... it had made it to the second floor and was burning my ankles... “PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!” I slammed the axe harder then out of the corner of my eye I found a hazardous pick up suit.... Wow that convened... I sloshed through the now knee high piss... it was definitely acidic it was melting away at my clothing... I pulled the suit on and snapped the air tank on just in time the acid had melted the flooring... I plummeted into the dark yellow depths... if this wasn’t urine it would still be gross. I felt the acid slowly melting away at the layered suit. “FUCKING GODDAMN IT HWO THE FUCKING HELL DO I GET OUT OF HERE! Luckily the piss had melted the door and the liquid poured out into the hallway... I was flushed into the room with the escaping acid... the suit was ruined and so was I if I didn’t get out of here... I made an attempt for the roof which I found the robot following close behind... I got onto deck and hacked up a wad of blood and urine that had made4 its way into the suit and into my mouth. It tasted like... well piss... like a sour and bitter mix with a burning sensation down the throat... it felt like it was burning my throat which it was... Worst day of my life.
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